Bytes helps boost Pick n Pay customer loyalty

Bytes Managed Solutions has a long-standing business relationship with Pick n Pay, and has recently been instrumental in delivering on a major project to enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

In August 2010 Pick n Pay issued a closed RFP to key industry providers of kiosk solutions. The company was looking for an in-store customer self-service solution to support its smart shopper programme, to be launched early in 2011.

In October 2010, after an intense and focused discovery period, Pick n Pay settled on the NCR offering as the most appropriate and complete solution. The order comprised some 855 NCR SelfServ 60 Kiosks, running the NCR NetKey application.

An NCR team completed all kiosk application development and the integration with all other suppliers and partners, and Bytes Managed Solutions was given the herculean task of installing these units in every Pick n Pay store countrywide – all of this in a record two and a half months. The entire project from order to go live was less than five months.

The kiosk smart shopper application is remotely managed, maintained and hosted by NCR in the USA.
“The kiosks are located in every Pick n Pay store countrywide, and they are the customer’s window into Pick n Pay’s smart shopper loyalty programme, in terms of which shoppers accumulate points which they can redeem. Through the kiosk, a customer interacts with the smart shopper programme and can execute functionality such as points balance, print special offers and convert points into cash or donate points to charity,” says Dave Tuckniss, Pick n Pay account manager at Bytes Managed Solutions.

“The project is seen by Pick n Pay management as a huge success,” adds Tuckniss. “There has been significant customer take-up and it is one of the retail chain’s most strategic projects.”

“Pick n Pay is a highly important client for us,” says Bytes Technology Group CEO Rob Abraham. “It has been a privilege to assist them with these technology implementations which will impact the lives of millions of South Africans every day and add significantly to Pick n Pay’s bottom line.”

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Bytes helps boost Pick n Pay customer loyalty