MTN Business welcomes IP Connect cost cut

Following the recent announcement made by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA), MTN Business welcomes the 30% cost cut of IP connect, as agreed by Telkom.

Says Edwin Thompson, general manager of Technology and Infrastructure at MTN Business; “As IP Connect is one of the most expensive parts to providing an ADSL service currently, a price reduction here is long overdue. Although we are not sure what all the providers will do with the price cut, a clear benefit for the end user will likely be felt, as this will allow for various Internet providers to either improve the current broadband services offered or, should they choose, pass on the reduction in prices.”

Considering the high cost associated with the fixed-line broadband network here, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are currently offering broadband services that are unfortunately restricted. MTN Business believes that through this cut, the market will likely see many providers use this cut as a mechanism to improve broadband solutions offered and therefore the consumer will most likely receive an improved experience from their broadband solutions.

“We welcome this positive percentage cut as it is certainly one that is needed in the market, and will go a long way in achieving more capacity, more accessibility and more cost effectiveness – essentially improving overall broadband solution offerings for the local consumer,” concludes Thompson.

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MTN Business welcomes IP Connect cost cut