Eyeris Lite from Vox takes live collaboration mobile

Eyeris Lite, the newest product in the Vox Pureview stable of conferencing and collaboration solutions, enables people to continue working together productively no matter where they are.

“There are only two good reasons to have a meeting,” says Vox Pureview’s Gene van der Walt. “One is because you need to see another person face to face to negotiate or generate ideas. The other is because you need to work on something together, whether it’s a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation. If you can’t share the same physical space, video conferencing works for the first kind of meeting; but you need something more for the second kind.”

Van der Walt says Eyeris Lite is designed to enable live collaboration, no matter where people are physically located. “If three people are working on a presentation, they need to be able to make changes simultaneously and all work on the same document. Even better, they need to be able to see each other’s screens. That’s what Eyeris Lite makes possible. Users can share screens and files, switch between screens, write notes in digital ink and communicate via the integrated instant messaging, video and audio capabilities.”

The application can also be linked to a Smart interactive whiteboard and sessions can be recorded in full.

Simply download a software client, connect to the server and off you go. Invite anybody to join you into a meeting following the same process. Users don’t have to be part of the same organisation to use Eyeris Lite, says Van der Walt. “It works on your iPad or Galaxy Tab in the airport as well it works from your laptop at home or your desktop in the office. Whether you’re working on a sales presentation with a colleague or reviewing specs with a supplier, everyone can have same experience.”

Prices per participant start at R1.50 per minute or R95 per hour. More information is available at www.voxpureview.co.za.

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Eyeris Lite from Vox takes live collaboration mobile