Master Data Management delivers expressor v 3.6 to the local market

Expressor 3.6 Product Release Introduced Affordable, High-performance Data Processing Solution for Big Data Warehouses and Analytics.

Master Data Management, a specialist in data governance, data quality, data integration and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions has announced the availability of expressor v 3.6, which features several major areas of enhancement for the company’s data integration platform.

In this new release, the expressor Engine now offers superior data processing performance necessary to address Big Data requirements by introducing partition-parallelism capabilities into the 3.x product line. The core of the patented expressor Engine architecture is based on a multi-process approach, where each operator within an expressor Dataflow is treated as a separate multi-threaded process that runs in parallel. This unique Engine design enables the expressor Engine to scale linearly for high-performance processing ensuring that expressor can effectively scale into larger hardware configurations. Expanding on performance and Big Data, expressor 3.6 also introduces Teradata’s native TPT protocol for high-performance data loading into the Teradata appliance. Both partition-parallelism and TPT support are available as part of a new edition, expressor 3.6 Enterprise Edition.

Says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management: “As the benefits of data mining Big Data are increasingly realised, companies will further incorporate this as part of their Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytic efforts. However, processes masses of data can impact performance and result in poor performance, leading to delays and frustrations. expressor’s latest development is addressing this challenge.”

“We have recently completed a set of high-performance benchmark tests at the Teradata Labs,” says Steve Frechette, VP of Engineering at expressor. “The TPC-H test results are very impressive and show linear scaling of the expressor Engine achieving load speeds in excess of 500,000 rows per second in a single disk configuration.”

Configuring the expressor Engine for partition parallelism is extremely simple. Developers design their ETL operations as in previous versions of the product, and then graphically specify the level of parallelism for each operator as well as the processing algorithm that best meets their application needs. Beyond that, any additional optimisation is handled automatically by the expressor Engine.

In addition to the high-performance data processing enhancements, expressor 3.6 features over 40 significant user interface and usability improvements ranging from visual icon enhancements, to context sensitive help suggestions, to the Dataflow canvas tool enhancements, to multi-select artifact improvements. These latest enhancements further simplify the creation and editing of expressor Dataflow applications.

“We continue to roll out major new functionality at a rapid pace,” comments Michael Waclawiczek, VP of Marketing of expressor. “With our bi-directional support for QlikView in expressor 3.5 and the new performance features in 3.6, we now offer a very powerful technology solution stack for any data warehousing and business intelligence initiative.”

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Master Data Management delivers expressor v 3.6 to the local market