Kaspersky Tablet Security: Advanced Protection for Your Android Tablet

Kaspersky Lab’s new tablet security solution provides effective protection from malware, secures the user online experience and keeps your personal data safe, even if lost or stolen

Kaspersky Lab introduces the all new Kaspersky Tablet Security, a tailored solution for protecting Android-based tablets. In developing the program Kaspersky Lab’s specialists factored in all the specific characteristics of tablets, with the result being a specialised security solution that ensures both protection against malicious and fraudulent software, and the inviolability of personal data in case of loss or theft of a device. Kaspersky Tablet Security provides the ultimate protection against all kinds of cybercriminal activity, specifically designed for Android-based tablets.

Its anti-virus engine, working together with cloud-based protection technology, efficiently blocks all malicious programs, even new and previously unknown ones. Kaspersky Tablet Security also introduces the Web Protection feature, which helps block malicious or fraudulent websites when using the Android browser. With Kaspersky Tablet Security you can be sure that the data on your Android tablet stays secure. It also keeps you away from harmful websites that aim to steal your social networking or online banking account details.

Kaspersky Tablet Security can also remotely block a lost or stolen device or wipe all its personal data. The program can determine the location of a lost or stolen tablet, not only via GPS, but also via mobile network data (GSM) or the coordinates of the nearest Wi-Fi access point. And the ‘Mugshot’ function can secretly take photos of a person using a lost or stolen tablet with its built-in camera, and then transfer the photos to the owner of the device. The interface of the product is crafted specifically to suit Android-based tablets, recognising their similarities to, as well as differences from, smartphones and PCs.

Victor Dronov, Senior Product Manager of Kaspersky Lab, commented: “The number of devices you use in your everyday life is increasing. The Internet and your favourite apps are always available at your fingertips even on the go – which is great. However, at the same time, should a mobile device be lost, all our personal data can be put at risk: email messages, social network access, passwords, mobile banking data, photos, videos and more. Furthermore, malicious and fraudulent programs can also cause much inconvenience, or worse – financial losses. With Kaspersky Tablet Security users can forget about these risks and enjoy the mobility of their digital life.”

Main Features
Anti-Virus: Protection from malicious and fraudulent software in real time
Cloud Protection: Provides immediate reaction against new and emerging threats
Web Protection: Detects and blocks dangerous URLs and web-pages, including phishing websites
Web Management: a web interface for remote control of a device
Anti-Theft: sophisticated data protection in all circumstances
o Find: The ability to search for a lost or stolen device using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi
o Block and Data Wipe: The ability to block a device and wipe personal data
o Mugshot: the ability to secretly take photos from the device and send them to the owner

Tablets: the Best of Both the PC and Smartphone Worlds
In terms of both design and ease of use tablets are similar to smartphones, while with regard to functionality they more closely resemble laptops. Viewing the Web, emailing, instant messaging, and even viewing and editing documents are all handled effortlessly on a tablet – with none of the attendant bulk of a laptop. However, tablets have also inherited the limitations of both smartphones and laptops: Like smartphones, tablets can easily be lost or stolen; like on laptops, the information stored on a tablet can be detailed, sizable, important and confidential. The risk of loss of this information exists not only if a device is lost or stolen, but also as a result of a malware attack.

According to Kaspersky Lab data, in December 2011 the number of instances of malware targeting mobile devices exceeded 6400. Malicious applications created specifically for the Android platform are on the rise (making up 65% of mobile malware applications), and can be distributed even via the official Android Market online shop. What’s more, the malware targeting this platform is the most complex and sophisticated of all.

The tablet market is developing fast. As a forecast published by analysts Gartner shows, in 2015 almost 300 million tablets will be sold, with Android’s market share steadily increasing. Judging by the rise in the popularity of tablets, it is clear that the number of attacks on these devices will also rise, with the main target for the cybercriminals being users’ personal data.

Main Features of Kaspersky Tablet Security
• Desktop-class anti-malware protection
Kaspersky Tablet Security provides excellent protection from malware for Android-based tablets. The virus database is regularly updated with small, frequent updates that won’t affect performance. An anti-virus scan can either be scheduled or run on-demand at any time. To better fight new and emerging threats, Kaspersky Tablet Security introduces support for the cloud-based security network. Last, but not least, Kaspersky Lab’s product for Android-based tablets seamlessly integrates with the default Android browser to effectively detect and block malicious web pages and URLs.

• Block and Data Wipe functions
In case of loss or theft of a tablet the user can remotely block it via Web Management. This function allows the user to enter a message that will appear on the screen of the lost device, for example to show the contact details of the owner to help enable its return. Also, if the tablet contains important personal or corporate data, the user can also completely delete them using Data Wipe.

• Locating a tablet with Find
Using this function the owner of a device can increase the chances of its being returned by getting information on its location: its coordinates can be obtained remotely from the device’s GPS module – if it has one. However, should this be impossible – either due to a lack of installed GPS module or there being no signal – information on the nearest GSM cellular base station or Wi-Fi access point can be obtained from the device. In the latter cases only approximate coordinates of the device’s whereabouts can be obtained, but they can still help in locating it.

• Mugshot function: remotely taking photos and sending them to the owner’s personal account on the Web Central portal
This function can secretly take photos of a person who may have found or stolen a tablet using the camera on the front of the device. The tablet discretely takes a series of photos should someone perform certain actions on it like mouse clicks, slides or taps. The photos are then sent to Web Central to be viewed by the owner, who could then, for example, pass them to the police.

• Remote control via Web Management
The Web Management feature provides all the necessary tools to control your tablet via a user-friendly web interface. It allows to activate anti-theft functions and control their state as well as receive device location data and view photos taken by the Mugshot feature. The tablet automatically connects itself to the Web Central server at designated intervals and, should it receive commands from the owner, implements them.

Prices and Availability
Kaspersky Tablet Security is available for purchase online on both the Kaspersky Lab global site and Android Market, from today, supporting Android-based tablets with Android OS 2.x-4.x. Kaspersky Tablet Security is currently available between R169.99 and R199.99 in the South African market.

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Kaspersky Tablet Security: Advanced Protection for Your Android Tablet