Don’t stop the beat – dock, charge and play with Philips docking entertainment systems from DCC

Having your music your way has never been easier with a range of stylish Philips docking entertainment systems from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Enjoy your favourite music and get great sound from your mobile phone, tablet PC or MP3 player while you charge, so you never run out of battery life again.

With legendary Philips audio and build quality, along with feature rich functionality and elegant design, these devices are built for sound and hard-wired for convenience. The range includes clock radios, speaker systems and full entertainment systems, with devices for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod ranges, as well as innovative options for Android, BlackBerry and other compatible smartphones.

“These products have been developed for the modern audiophile who keeps all their music in portable, digital format on a range of devices. We offer docking stations for Apple products as well Android and any smartphone that charges via Micro USB and has Bluetooth. These devices also offers MP3 connectivity for direct playback of MP3 content form portable media players, as well as USB direct mode which allows you to plug in a memory stick and play music directly from the drive,” says Wayde Stobart, Marketing Manager for Lifestyle and Entertainment at Philips South Africa.

DCC is currently offering six models in the range, with others available on request. Models in stock include:

• AJ7030D clock radio for iPod/iPhone
• DC390 docking system for iPod/iPhone/iPad
• DCM292 micro music system for iPhone/iPod
• DS8550 Fidelio docking speaker for iPod/iPhone/iPad
• AS851 Fidelio docking speaker for Android and Blackberry
• AS111 Fidelio docking speaker clock radio for Android and Blackberry

“Each device has different features and addresses a variety of needs and applications from bedside and office clock, music and charging devices to purpose-built speaker systems. You can even use them in the kitchen to dock your iPad and view recipes, listen to music or watch cooking demonstration videos. But what they all have in common is unbelievable sound,” says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communications Specialist at DCC.

“Years of research and development and a dedication to delivering the very best quality products means that Philips is able to deliver incredible audio quality in compact, innovative form factors that meet the needs of today’s consumers. Extending our range of Philips products to include these docking stations and entertainment systems takes our business in a new direction and opens up new avenues of opportunity for us,” he adds.

DCC’s range of Philips docking and entertainment systems are currently available through eBucks and at selected retailers. Other models are available on request.

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Don’t stop the beat – dock, charge and play with Philips docking entertainment systems from DCC