Still no stock of Apple iPads

The Notebook Company finds a way to supply the market

While the local Apple distributor, Core, is offering the latest iPad tablet units at good prices, stock availability is now “becoming utterly parlous”, said Christopher Riley, managing director of notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company ( /

The Notebook Company was the first local computer company to supply the latest iPad units – and appears to be still outgunning other suppliers by getting in stock when other suppliers can’t.

Riley said that while his company’s clients are paying a premium for the units, he is nonetheless “meeting a demand” that appears to be “constant and ongoing”.

“It seems many users just can’t get their hands on stock, so while Core’s current prices range from R8 299 for the 64 GB 4G unit to R6 299 for the 16 GB 4G iPad – which are pretty good prices – users just aren’t getting hold of their beloved Apple iPads.”

“We are providing the marketplace with a product that they desperately want. We are getting it in at a premium and naturally have to charge more than other competitors – but the fact remains that we are able to supply. We have also made it clear to the marketplace that we are parallel importers of the Apple iPads.”

Last month Riley cautioned on a possible looming supply problem from Core, even though the company has ‘done very well’ to make the keen prices available to the public. But the stock seems to have run dry, with Riley saying that he would continue to bring in the latest iPads – albeit at a premium.

“The continuing problem is that end users often have to wait for stock for indefinite periods. We still have units available but we are warning the marketplace that our prices are 15% higher right now. We are not even able to buy at the USD Retail price of USD829. We are paying close on USD 1000 – and then still have to pay shipping on small quantities, clearing agents and VAT. But we are listening to what our clients want – so we will continue to try and provide stock as fast as possible.”

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Still no stock of Apple iPads