Kenya; Outsourcing Destination of Choice Connects to the World

The East Africa Outsourcing Summit will be held in Nairobi from 5 to 6 June 2012. The event is hosted by international business-to-business conferencing company, Kinetic Events in proud partnership with the Kenyan ICT Board.

The global IT industry spotlight has been placed on East Africa, in particular, Kenya. In recent years, the Kenyan government has recognised the economic potential afforded by technology and innovation. In efforts to move the country forward along with the Kenya Vision 2030, The Kenya ICT Board aims to move the sector forward with various key initiatives already in full swing.

In 2008 the SEACOM submarine fibre optic cable went live, connecting Kenya to the world. The initiative has opened up a world of opportunities for the East African country to further develop its ICT sector. This marked the beginning of a rapid movement and growth in the cost reduction of bandwidth and a rise in speed and reliability of resources. Kenya’s business process outsourcing industry has gained momentum, positioning the country as a potentially viable near shoring opportunity for Europe, North America and Australia.

Following the SEACOM innovation, other submarine fibre optic cable initiatives have been implemented, creating extensive digital tunnels connecting the world to Africa. Kenya’s digital consciousness of its people has never been as alive as it is today. Kenyans are not only consuming the rapid movement, they are creating, and they are innovating, currently holding the upper hand with two distinct advantages within the industry; great people and great location.

Kenya has realised the economic opportunities and is now a recognised outsourcing hub of choice. Kenya is confident of its position within the IT industry and has revealed its intention to become the information and communication technology, and business process outsourcing hub of choice for Africa by 2030.

The summit will act as a platform for both existing and potential players in the out¬sourcing space in East Africa to network and gain insight from the major outsourcing regions. With a focus on global trends to underpin what it takes to achieve the market penetration and recognition, Kenya needs to develop as an outsourcing hub, which will support the development of a strong information technology industry.

The strategic invitation-only summit will explore the alignment of people, process and technology; offering insight into the solutions available to contact centres today, assisting companies in the negotiations and selecting the tools best suited to their needs. Attendees will be able to engage in interactive conference sessions and educational workshops designed for quality time and interaction with peers.

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Kenya; Outsourcing Destination of Choice Connects to the World