Africa takes a proactive and reactive stance towards improving IT infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure Africa Summit will take place from 12 to 13 July 2012 at the Westin Hotel, Cape Town. The summit is hosted by Kinetic Events, an international business-to-business conferencing company.

The development of IT infrastructure in Africa is largely influenced by the economic benefits of IT, IT policy, and its impact on government, society, business, and the security of the state. With the high calibre of their potential market size, Africa should not react to trends within the IT industry, but rather play an active part in trend determination.

In efforts to improve IT infrastructure, Africa is taking a proactive and reactive approach in the development of IT within the continent, including anticipating challenges and designing strategies to resolve them in an attempt to reduce the risk and frequency of occurrences. A positive proactive engagement is leading Africa to the forefront of such developments.

Policy issues are central to most development efforts. In most countries, there is a policy challenge in IT, with inadequate coverage, if any, being provided from related areas such as telecommunications and the computer industry. Africa is taking a proactive approach in the policy aspects of IT to address key strategic factors including formulation, dissemination, and implementation.

In the absence of clear and enforceable policy, the industry aims to evolve in reaction to successfully encourage the growth of enthusiasm for IT. The summit will focus on IT Infrastructure challenges and how these challenges can be overcome through innovation, alignment of business with technology and the positive influence of active government participation.

The event will enable senior decision makers to discover efficient methods to deliver IT projects and services, resulting in business growth and innovation and successfully leveraging existing resources and investments. The summit provides a platform to share experiences with top-level speakers and industry experts, an agenda to address important IT Infrastructure and business related issues, and will exhibit the best practice case studies from industry experts.

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Africa takes a proactive and reactive stance towards improving IT infrastructure