@lantic ADSL customers get the best of both worlds

ADSL subscribers have more options than ever before with the launch of @lantic’s Uncapped Bolt-On package, an after-hours uncapped service for its capped DSL customers. For R59 a month, existing capped ADSL customers at @lantic can cut over to an automatic uncapped service between 6pm and 6am daily and all-day uncapped over weekends regardless of line size.

“Our customers were asking for something to bridge our existing capped and uncapped services,” explains @lantic Sales & Marketing Director, Dederick Venter. “If you’re not at home all day there’s no point in paying for a full uncapped service – but you may still want to do video streaming or online gaming at night. This gives the best of both worlds.”

The bolt-on package complements @lantic’s recently launched ADSL 626 ADSL top-up package, which offers a once-off 10Gb package valid for three months.

“ADSL 626 is the best fit for customers who just need occasional injections of extra bandwidth,” says Venter. “Uncapped Bolt-On is for those who know they are going to be regular heavy users of bandwidth after hours. Between these two packages, everyone should be able to find the right balance between keeping to the budget and having all the bandwidth they need.”

Venter says it’s possible for @lantic to offer these packages because of the major investment the Vox Telecom Group has made into our ADSL IPC infrastructure. “The IPC infrastructure and bulk buying power of the group give us the flexibility to provide both business and consumers users with ADSL products specifically suited to their requirements, without compromising on network speed and quality during office hours.”

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@lantic ADSL customers get the best of both worlds