Maxtec announces exclusive partnership with Versafe

Maxtec today announced an exclusive partnership with Versafe, a leading developer of online identity protection technology. This ideal partnership further strengthens Maxtec’s best-of-breed suite of security offerings for Africa.

Versafe’s revolutionary Anti-Phishing, Anti-Pharming and Anti-Trojan solutions prevent online identity theft and phishing attacks in real time.  Versafe’s innovative implementation of advanced encryption and identification mechanisms negate the need for heavy investment in expensive resources and have zero impact on business critical production environments.

As Versafe’s unique technology is completely transparent to the end user, their capacity to counter online fraud and identity theft threats completely outshines existing solutions, providing highly effective protection from threats posed by tracking software, Trojans, social engineering, key-loggers hijacked wireless networks (public or home); and blocking phishing attacks before they actually occur. Versafe also has full support for all mobile devices.

Through this partner relationship, Maxtec and Versafe combine leading market positioning and security expertise to provide cutting edge identity protection solutions.

George Talbot , CEO of Maxtec , comments,  “Versafe’s offering is truly unique in the security market and we are delighted to be able to offer their range of solutions  to our customers. “

Ilan Meller, Business Development Director at Versafe adds, “We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with Maxtec and offer our expertise and product ranges to their client base on the African continent. Our solutions are innovative and can offer something new to the market which is currently unavailable through any other solution.”

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Maxtec announces exclusive partnership with Versafe