Summit to address the importance of active government participation and policy

The IT Infrastructure Africa Summit will take place from 12 to 13 July 2012 at the Westin Hotel, Cape Town. The summit is hosted by Kinetic Events, an international business-to-business conferencing company.

The development of IT infrastructure in Africa is largely influenced by the economic benefits of IT, IT policy, and its impact on government, society, business, and the security of the state. The prospect of a technology with such potential impact evolving has produced many successful instances of IT introduction within Africa. The strategic transfer and application of this technology requires some guidelines be set for service providers, distributors of equipment, and end-users alike. It is critical in this time that these policies have positive and active government participation in order to be effective.

Strategic policies should clearly define the industry expectations and acquisition of information technology within the continent and global sectors. Clear and precise evaluation of appropriate use and application of the technology will influence the development of the African IT industry. Human resource development will determine the skill and service delivery methods and management, when outlined in a government issued policy, could potentially assist in improving efficiency challenges and hindrances.

The importance of government policies and legislation to support IT development in Africa will lead to notable improvements in the industry. Informatics policies and management infrastructure is key in developing a world-class infrastructure, placing Africa at the forefront of the globe.

It is vital to understand the establishment of financing mechanisms, with adequate financial analysis, controls and accounting. Active government participation enables Africa to take control of the sector and show improvement in all aspects of policies. Africa will hold a clear position on the level of control, exercised locally with a desired level of dependency on foreign sources.

With improvements already evident, it is clear that the coordination and integration of the needs of the public and private sectors is continuing to influence the economic state of IT.

The event will enable senior decision makers to discover efficient methods to deliver IT projects and services, resulting in business growth and innovation and successfully leveraging existing resources and investments. The summit provides a platform to share experiences with top-level speakers and industry experts, an agenda to address important IT Infrastructure and business related issues, and will exhibit the best practice case studies from industry experts.

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Summit to address the importance of active government participation and policy