HP Enhances Solutions to Help Service Providers Improve Customer Experience Management

In advance of TMForum Management World 2012, HP announced significant upgrades for solutions that are designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) improve customer experience management (CEM).

CSPs can increase customer loyalty and reduce churn by approaching CEM in a holistic way, creating a positive overall experience by understanding customer needs and perceptions and improving all customer “touch points” or interactions.  

HP Solutions Consulting Services has released a customer experience white paper that shows how a holistic approach can yield real-world benefits.

HP announced new CEM capabilities for solutions within the HP OSS Transformation portfolio:

  • The HP Customer Experience Assurance Solution (HP CEA) provides continuous, real-time analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data to help CSPs gather useful insights that can:
    • improve the quality of experience by ensuring that customers consistently receive all the services they have paid for and the quality they expect
    • optimise network investment and capacity planning by generating information on how the network and resources are being used by customers.
    • HP Unified Correlation Analyser (HP UCA) enhances the customer experience with new, automated tools that accelerate problem identification and resolution. The tools inter-operate across multiple technology domains to provide an umbrella correlation solution over fault and performance management systems.
    • HP Service Activator (HP SA) includes capabilities to streamline the entire customer order-to-service delivery process—and accelerate time to revenue. HP SA 6.0 exhibits dramatic performance improvements with new cluster architecture, fully supports LTE, and provides enhanced prepackaged solutions for virtual private network and mobile customer activation.

HP also announced CEM-related enhancements for solutions in the HP Actionable Customer Intelligence portfolio:

  • HP Subscriber, Network and Policy (HP SNAP) allows CSPs to make available to customers personalised offerings that differentiate their service experience. HP SNAP version 2.4 improves the integration between policy and charging rules and campaigns and promotion management.  Using HP SNAP studio, CSPs can easily define personalised service offerings with innovative charging models and directly promote them to specifically targeted customer segments.
  • HP Ad Experience Personalisation helps CSPs deliver targeted, customised campaigns to their mobile customers.   Based on opt-in profile information from customers, CSPs can collaborate with “over the top” providers and marketing partners to generate new revenue streams.  Mobile customers benefit by receiving offers that are tailored to their behaviors, interests and potential needs. HP Ad Experience Personalisation is based on the HP Smart Unified User Profile (HP SUUP) solution, and is powered by high-performance analytics from HP Vertica, an HP Company, and the HP Internet Usage Manager mediation solution.

The HP Targeted Innovation portfolio is enhanced with new capabilities:

  • HP Revenue CentralView Fraud Risk Management protects CSP customers from fraud activities, such as SMS spamming, callback fraud, identity theft and PBX hacking, with new monitoring features that improve fraud detection
  • HP Revenue Leakage Control solutions provide more accurate billing by adhering to TM Forum guidelines to implement all recommended key performance indicators for revenue assurance.

The HP Universal Service Level Agreement Manager solution has been selected as a finalist for TM Forum’s Solution Excellence Award at Management World 2012. Additionally, the HP Executive Scorecard solution has successfully completed product certification of as part of the TMF Business Metrics Automation project.

 More information about HP solutions for CSPs is available at www.hp.com/go/csp.


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HP Enhances Solutions to Help Service Providers Improve Customer Experience Management