Redefining monochrome A4 printing with the DEVELOP ineo 36/42

The ineo 36/42 from DEVELOP South Africa moves beyond the norm in monochrome A4 printing, with an A3 printing option, a sophisticated stapling function and reassuring security features. Since black-and-white A4 documents account for the majority of print output in most office environments, the ineo 36/42 is just the device needed.

“Monochrome systems are so popular because they are reliable, long-lasting and economical,” says Marc Pillay, general manager of DEVELOP South Africa. “While our new monochrome print system certainly fulfils all those requirements, it is designed for office users who want more than a standard office solution. We’ve redefined monochrome A4 printing to bring in some extremely useful ‘out-of-the-box’ features.”

Although most office printing involves black-and-white A4 documents, A3 can be extremely useful, for example for the printing of Excel tables. Up until now, the decision on whether to buy an A4 or an A3 printer usually had to be taken before the printer was purchased. The ineo 36/42, in contrast, comes with an A3 option allowing users to print A3 formats via the bypass.

Office users who frequently have to prepare handouts of Excel tables, presentations or other documents for internal or external meetings, will appreciate the optional finishing unit that staples documents either in the top left-hand corner or twice on the left-hand margin. That not only produces neatly finished documents but also saves time and effort.

The days of stand-alone print systems in office environments are well and truly over. The ineo 36/42 not only features network capability, it can also be enhanced by a number of proprietary software tools to improve the efficiency of document workflows.

“What more can be said about the multifunctional ineo 36/42?” Pillay asks. “Thirty six or 42 A4 pages per minute, copying, scanning and optional faxing functionality, a colour scanning capability, an easy-to-use colour touchscreen display: all more or less standard features of an office device in this segment. However, the features that really give this newcomer the edge are its non-standard A3, finishing and security capabilities.”

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Redefining monochrome A4 printing with the DEVELOP ineo 36/42