The VTech DDA200BT cordless Bluetooth enabled phone – the best of both worlds

Remember the days of sitting at a telephone plugged into the wall, or cordless phones with poor call quality, and of missing mobile calls because your phone was charging? Those days are gone, thanks to the VTech DDA200BT DECT phone with Bluetooth from Sizwe Broadband, available at all Telkom Direct stores.

Now you can take advantage of crystal clear voice clarity in a cordless phone and pair your cell phone to your landline to make and receive cell phone calls directly from your home phone, so you never miss another call. The twin handsets of the DDA200BT also mean that you have two devices on the same base station, allowing you to transfer calls between the handsets and cell phones and even use the handsets as an intercom system between rooms.

“DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, and it represents a significant improvement over previous cordless technologies which were subject to wireless interference. This means that DECT phones provide superior clarity and voice quality as well as enhanced range and security.” says Ross Griffiths, representative for Vtech in South Africa.

“On top of that, the DDA200BT incorporates Bluetooth fixed-line convergence technology. It enables you to pair the cordless phone with up to four different Bluetooth cell phones, two at a time, or  Bluetooth headsets for hands-free calling. You can even connect it to a Bluetooth hearing aid. Bluetooth functionality is easy to set up using the phone’s “easy to navigate” menu to pair devices. Step by step instructions are available on the Sizwe Broadbandwebsite. It also includes a host of other features, all at a value price point to suit your budget. This is a first for consumers, – bringing a convergence in technology that was previously only available to larger enterprises – to the consumer market,” he adds.

The DDA200BT enables you to import your phonebook directly from your cell phone. It also stores your previous 20 phone calls in its history for easy access. It is Wi-Fi friendly so will not interfere with wireless networks, and offers a blue backlit display and keypad for easy operation in any lighting condition. It also features a built-in digital answering machine, with 15 minutes of recording time, audible time and date stamps on recorded messages and remote message retrieval so you can access voice mail from anywhere, at any time.

Other features include:

  • 100 name and number phonebook
  • Conferencing outside calls between handsets and cell phones
  • Intercom feature between handsets
  • Transfer calls between handsets and cellular phone
  • Any key answer
  • Handset volume control
  • Last number redial
  • Handset locator function
  • Voicemail waiting indicator

For consumers that do not require the advanced functionality of the DDA200BT, Sizwe Broadband also offers the VTech SD50 DECT phone through Telkom Direct stores. The SD50 is an entry-level, single DECT handset that offers high quality cordless phone technology at an affordable price. It has been extensively tested for ‘usability’ to ensure high quality, with an easy to read backlit display and a number of value features.

“The VTech brand is globally known for producing great quality, affordable cordless phones, and these two units are no exception. From the SD50 which provides entry-level pricing with high quality features to the DDA200BT which offers high-end functionality for consumers, their offering includes something for everyone. These phones, particularly the DDA200BT with its fixed-line convergence capability, represent the next evolution in consumer telephony. They have been designed with the needs of the end user in mind and aim to make life just that bit easier,” Griffiths concludes.

Both phone models are available from Telkom Direct stores. The SD50 has a recommended retail price of R249,00 including V.A.T. The DDA200BT retails for a recommended price of R899,00 including V.A.T. For more information contact Sizwe Broadband on 0860 110 041 or visit

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The VTech DDA200BT cordless Bluetooth enabled phone – the best of both worlds