Kenya shows potential as global BPO destination of choice at EAO summit

The anticipated East Africa Outsourcing Summit begins tomorrow at the Crowne Plaza Nairobi Hotel in Kenya, from 5 to 6 June 2012. The event is hosted by international business-to-business conferencing company, Kinetic Events in proud partnership with the Kenya ICT Board and KITOS.

The spotlight will be placed on Kenya, as it provides many advantages that give it distinction among other global BPO destinations, positioning the country as a BPO destination of choice for companies looking to outsource their business processes. Kenya offers a lower cost for setting up and running BPO services compared to competing locations including South Africa and India.

Kenya provides an excellent quality of service, more specifically in sales and customer support with the advantage of the country’s location. The Kenyan capital Nairobi is where all major BPO centres are located and is the East African hub for many NGOs and international organisations, making Nairobi well established for expatriates.

The country has a strong and improving infrastructure, with its modern fibre optic cables, well developed internal transportation infrastructure, and strategically located ports. Kenya offers strong capabilities in the English language as students are taught English in primary school as one of the two official languages.

Kenya is growing at a rapid rate as the country has endeavoured to improve and stabilise its macroeconomic environment and diversify the economy in line with the Kenya Vision 2030. The East African country is fast improving in the areas of law and factor conditions, more specifically education and infrastructure.

With the global industry spotlight on business process outsourcing, there is an opportunity for emerging economies looking to provide BPO services to the developed world. Kenya is one country that has recognised and taken advantage of this opportunity.

The strategic summit kicks off tomorrow morning and aims to explore the alignment of people, process and technology; offering insight into the solutions available to contact centres today, assisting companies in the negotiations and selecting the tools best suited to their needs. Attendees will be able to engage in interactive conference sessions and educational workshops designed for quality time and interaction with peers.

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Kenya shows potential as global BPO destination of choice at EAO summit