Love the Like launched in South Africa

Love the Like, a new Social Media Company, has just launched into the South African market. The company specialises in social media, especially Facebook and the newest traffic generator: Pinterest.

“South African Companies think that it is too soon for Pinterest,” comments founder Jackie Niemand. “We feel that 11 million views per week in South Africa alone illustrates how fast it is really growing!”

Pinterest is the fastest-growing website of all time, is now the third most popular social network site in the world and drove more traffic to websites (in February 2012) than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. “Google’s algorithms have recently changed and evidence shows them favouring websites using Social Media” Niemand continued. “It seems that Google loves it when real people are engaging and sharing your brand.”

Love the Like believes that social media shouldn’t be viewed in a vacuum. The sum of the parts is much greater the whole when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. “It’s about syndication and integrating your social media into each other in order for them to be really effective,” Niemand said.

Love the Like is about the essence of social media, a conversation, so why not start one? Find us on, “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Pin us on Pinterest and don’t forget Google+ or LinkedIn!

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Love the Like launched in South Africa