Syntech is now the largest distributor of SDDs in Africa

Leading IT distributor Syntech SA is now the largest distributor of solid state disks (SSDs) in Africa, said MD Craig Nowitz.

“We believe that Syntech is now the largest distributor in Africa of SSDs, the sales of which now make up 20% of our total revenue.”

Nowitz said that SSDs were shifting the business landscape and were “completely suited” for tough traded environments where end users were “trying to squeeze the most out of their IT investments”.

“We are selling far more SSDs than hard drives and this is largely due to their price/performance advantages. In an age where financial directors are faced with a tough business environment – which was buffeted by the 2008/9 worldwide depression – investing smartly in upgrade solutions gives companies the ability to redeploy capital into areas of growth, thereby enabling them to push for more revenue generation and to fight the harsh economic times.”

Nowitz said Syntech is well-positioned when it comes to memory, storage and SSD offerings, saying that “this is where the market is growing”.

“SSDs are completely compatible with existing hard drive technology and some of the advantages of SSDs include the fact that they are up to 500% faster than hard drives.

“In addition, they provide for an improved system response on all platforms, are more affordable,  enable the prolonging of current equipment -and they increase equipment lifespan due to the fact that they significantly reduce heat and power consumption.”

Nowitz added that Syntech SA had invested heavily in SSD stock and now carries the largest range of SSDs in Africa including OCZ, Patriot and STEC.

The company also offers a range of enterprise and archive solutions, giving it what Nowitz described as “the most complete offering of storage solutions in South Africa” – and the most extensive range of storage equipment across all industries.

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Syntech is now the largest distributor of SDDs in Africa