Unison to showcase mobile trends

Local enterprise communications management solutions provider, Unison Communications, will be showcasing its revolutionary mobile management platform at executive breakfasts countrywide. Absa will also show how they have been successful in cost reduction.

Unison director of Strategic Business Development, Keith Jones, says the solution offers organisations insight into and control over what could otherwise become a complex and largely unmanaged mobile environment. “Besides the Absa’s testimonial, we will be providing guests with the key trends within the enterprise communications market.”

Unison Mobile provides visibility into mobile usage and trends within any organisation, allowing one to manage multiple providers within a single platform and reducing efforts required to consolidate multiple sources of information and facilitating the management of multiple devices.

More importantly, it provides a full overview of every employee’s productivity, allowing reduced overall costs and increased profits.

Jones says many organisations implement a mobility strategy with the intent of improving workforce productivity. “The most common first step to enabling mobility is allowing mobile devices access to the corporate email network and corporate applications, resulting in more access to more people in the workforce.”

“Because of the high costs associated with mobile and the rapidly increasing trend of take-on in the workforce, the cost to deploy often surpasses initial projections. More often than not, this can be directly attributed to a lack of visibility into mobile usage and its trends within the organisation,” he explains.

The lack of controls available for managing abusive behaviour and enforcing policy, results in productivity benefits falling short of expectations, compounding costs related to the organisation’s mobility plan. This includes monitoring the use of devices such as mobile phones, data dongles and tablets and associated consumption.

Unison Mobile provides a single view of all mobile-related expenses, inclusive of contractual, in-bundle and out-of-bundle costs across voice, messaging and data. With this information in hand, an organisation is better equipped to proactively manage employees’ overspend and identify mobile device abuse as it occurs.

The breakfast is targeted at companies with more than 500 employees and will be held in Johannesburg on 28 June 2012, Durban on 5 July 2012 and Cape Town on 12 July 2012.

For more information about the executive breakfasts, contact Unison at [email protected]


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Unison to showcase mobile trends