Schneider Electric SA’s high technology open TAC systems for buildings bring significant cost savings

Constructing new buildings or retrofitting existing structures right first time can reduce operating costs considerably, particularly if well-designed and installed integrated building management systems are implemented.

Addressing the business, environmental and regulatory issues that drive energy efficiency is the answer and new building management technology and design is able to achieve cost savings of up to 24 percent compared to traditional building installations.

“The integration of building management systems and technology can also save up to 36 percent of the building’s ongoing operational costs over time,” says Ashen Maharaj, vice president: Building Business at Schneider Electric South Africa. “The TAC technology within its Open Systems for Building IT approach ensures energy saving and a comfortable building environment.”

Open Systems for Building IT collects and shares vast amounts of facility and financial data, providing the platform for informed decisions that lead to tangible, measureable savings with forecasting and control capabilities ensuring highly effective facility management and advanced environmental systems that lead to a more productive workplace.

With Open systems, TAC customers are not locked into a single technology as the system supports every major communication standard in building automation and security management, including TC/Ip, LonWorks, BACNet, Modbus and Ethernet.

“Programmes such as TAC EnergyEdge and TAC Energy Solutions deploy proven processes to reduce energy consumption, improve building performance and increase employee productivity,” adds Maharaj. “Working with the specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric South Africa, programmes like these are able to deliver a powerful combination of electrical distribution and building management solutions that drive down energy costs without compromising security.”

TAC enables the integration of heating and cooling, lighting, access control, video security, ventilation and fire/ smoke control across the user’s enterprise and tangibly reduces training, operations, maintenance and energy costs while improving control over the environments.

Maharaj comments that security is today at the top of every customer’s list of requirements in order to keep pace with security requirements and stay ahead of the risk with solutions providers who know how to fully secure a building.

“TAC has provided access control solutions for more 20 years and has pioneered network-based video security systems and management for more than a decade. Because the TAC security solutions integrate seamlessly with building management systems, users’ ability to quickly respond to unplanned events or emergencies is greatly enhanced.”

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Schneider Electric SA’s high technology open TAC systems for buildings bring significant cost savings