Metrofile ‘Take a girl child to work day’ opens doors to bright future

In an effort to empower girls with the confidence to make informed decisions that can lead to a potentially advantageous future career, Metrofile Records Management Johannesburg hosted 20 female Matric pupils on the 31st of May 2012 as part of their regular participation in the 10th annual Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® Project with this year’s theme being ‘Choose your tomorrow, today’.

 According to Marcelle Dengler, Human Resources Manager at Metrofile Records Management – a group company of JSE-listed Metrofile Holdings Limited – it is crucial that the youth are educated about their options when it comes to their future. “Exposing them to the workplace environment is important in stimulating interest in the working world, but also to provide a sense of realisation of aspirations and dreams for these young girls.”

She says the company usually sources the girls from outside schools, but this year Metrofile employees were asked to bring a daughter or family member to participate in the informative and enriching experience. “We thought it would be a great idea to include our own employees to boost morale and team spirit with the end goal of growing the Metrofile family internally.”

The 20 girls were asked to bring photographs and other objects they liked to partake in an inspiring self esteem presentation conducted by Charmaine Sheen, from the Reality Wellness Group, where they created fun hats with their objects in order to break the ice.

According to Sheen encouraging a good self esteem is critical for teenage girls about to embark into the working world as it enables them to better reach their goals and dreams. “The hat creation project allows the girls to highlight their individual strengths. The girls eagerly embraced the talk, causing many thought provoking ideas for their future careers.”

Following the presentation, the girls were taken on a tour of Metrofile Records Management facilities where they spent a few hours in each department – including the sales department, Human Resources Department, retention centre, call centre, and vault – giving them the opportunity to speak to the employees to find out more about their various roles and responsibilities and get a feel of the broader business environment.

“Most of these girls have never even seen a workplace before, so this is an excellent and exciting time for them to experience the working world first-hand, with the ultimate aim to motivate them to finish their studies and pursue a fruitful career, says Dengler.

She says following the tour, the girls were treated to a nutritious lunch with the opportunity to spend some quality time with their family members.

In the past, we have often received Curriculum Vitae’s from the participants, and some eventually take up positions at the company, says Dengler. “This year’s event was a huge success and we certainly hope to see a few of the girls come back wanting to work here in the future.”

“Metrofile is proud to support an initiative that enables young women to believe that that they have the power to make a success of their lives by providing them with the opportunities to develop themselves in the workplace, concludes Dengler.


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Metrofile ‘Take a girl child to work day’ opens doors to bright future