A first in mobile history

For the first time in mobile history, a body has emerged that is representative of most stakeholders who will shape the wireless, cellular and ICT landscape in South Africa.

The newly established ZAT Mobile Forum is not driven by government or a political party and it is not another annual talk-shop that is aimed to generate income, merely as a networking event in name only.  Forum events are also not designed to have high profile speakers merely draw large crowds.

ZAT Mobile Forum Events are rather aimed at giving industry players across the board the opportunity to actively engage with each other towards finding solutions, shaping the sector and realising genuine opportunity in an industry that is rife with logistical obstacles and ripe for explosive growth.

The forum is administered by the ZAT (ZA Telecoms) Foundation.  Forum activities will include regular network meetings where industry specialists, and those who wish to do business with the Mobile and ICT sector can engage with each other on a variety of focussed topics.  The forum will circulate a newsletter of which the content is supported by www.ictjournalafrica.net

Small, Medium, Large and Platinum Corporate Members will have the opportunity to participate in regular brainstorming sessions where the ZAT Mobile Forum Policy will be shaped as an official forum position.

Corporate members will automatically have a seat on corporate and government delegation visits where positions will be communicated for industry benefit, in an effort towards creating a healthier, more competitive electronic communications environment for the consumer.

The Inaugural Network Meeting

The inaugural network meeting will be held in Woodmead at the Country Club Johannesburg on the last Wednesday in June and may be attended at a networking fee of R350 per person.

Forum members and interested parties currently represent more than 150 South African and international mobile, wireless, telecoms and ICT companies.  ZAT Mobile Forum coordinator, Abigail Khumalo, said this week, “we have been swamped with requests for more information on the forum, by people asking how they can be more actively involved.”

On a practical note…

At formal network events and cocktail functions, forum guests may join any one of a dozen “themed” meeting tables to discuss specific industry issues.  The topics to be discussed at the upcoming network event, include Spectrum; 4G LTE, EMF transmissions; ICT/ Mobile Recruitment; Mobile marketing and branding; Regulatory & Compliance; Evolved Packet Core; Radio Planning; BSS/OSS/VAS and Channels to Market. Non-industry specialists and interested parties who have also joined the forum, include companies who wish to trade with and engage with industry players.

As part of a fundraising initiative, an executive dinner will be hosted after the event, where Directors and CEO’s in the industry may when a company donates R3000 towards establishing the Forum.  Several leading companies in the South African mobile sector have already committed to this initiative.

Bookings for the event can be made through www.zatmobileforum.com/invite.html and Abigail Khumalo can be contacted for more information, either on [email protected] or [email protected]

Joining the Forum

Membership to the ZAT Mobile Forum can be taken out as Individual Members at no charge; and at varying rates: Individual Network Members; Small and Medium Organisations; Full Corporate Membership and Platinum Corporate Membership.

More information on the forum, can be viewed on www.zatmobileforum.com

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A first in mobile history