Norton is Windows 8-Ready; Helping make it Safer and Faster.

Norton security products will be Windows 8 compatible upon release of the new operating system (OS). Additionally, Norton is developing several exciting new apps specific to the Metro environment in Windows 8. Security remains a key issue with the launch of any new OS, and Windows 8 is no exception. A few of the Metro apps previewed this week include:

  • Norton Studio – New touch-based main UI for Norton security products.
  • Norton browser (To Be Named) – Expanding our current mobile safe browsing products, this browser from Norton will allow consumers to maintain secure web transactions and Identity Safe password management functionality in the Metro environment.
  • Norton cloud scanner (To Be Named) – This new lightweight scanning app in Metro finds malicious links on Facebook walls and other common apps to stay protected from online fraud.

Norton product preview.

 Norton Hotspot Privacy is an upcoming offering that lets consumers connect to Wi-Fi securely by creating a virtual private network (VPN) on any public hotspot.

Public wireless networks aren’t as secure as many consumers think with Wi-Fi sniffing now being as easy as installing a browser add-on. Research by Norton shows that safe Wi-Fi is the biggest consumer need for any mobile security offering.

Norton Hotspot Privacy lets users surf the Web privately and helps keep their identity, Web accounts and transactions safe – all without the hassle of having to log on each time. When a device detects and connects to a Wi-Fi network, Hotspot Privacy will automatically configure and start for the user. The product will be available for iOS and Mac later this year.

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Norton is Windows 8-Ready; Helping make it Safer and Faster.