RSAWEB Launches SA’s First Content Delivery Network!

 RSAWEB – ISP Specialising in Cloud

ISP RSAWEB are rapidly establishing themselves as a truly innovative player in the tech space and have announced today that they are launching South Africa’s first CDN called AfriCDN (Content Delivery Network).

Content delivery networks can dramatically decrease data costs for content heavy websites – as RSAWEB’s MD Mark Slingsby says ‘CDN’s can typically slice up to 30% – 50% off the costs of hosting for websites, we see CDN as a revolution for the hosting market in South Africa – much reduced data costs for hosting, and dramatically increased site speeds!’

‘Essentially, a CDN is a content delivery system built in the Cloud, we help your website load fast all across the world, by placing the heavy, data munching and server crushing content like images, CSS, HTML and video into our server network, each time a user visits your site, we serve them this content from the server geographically closest to them. This shaves time off your sites load time, thus increasing your sites conversion rate and can even improve your sites Google ranking.’

Says RSAWEB MD Rob Gilmour – he goes on to admit that ‘although we are proud to be the first African CDN supplier, we realise that we have some way to go in educating the market as to what CDN is its capabilities.’

RSAWEB have been steadily building their worldwide network and now have POPs across the world which means that they can offer a locally built but world class CDN service at a price that won’t hurt.

Additionally RSAWEB say that CDN implementation is simple – they ask you 3 questions, give you some code to implement on your site, and within 15 minutes, you can have a fully functional CDN enabled website.

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RSAWEB Launches SA’s First Content Delivery Network!