Digital Depot expands

Digital Depot, believed to be the first online electronics store catering to the film and media industry, has announced it is expanding its product range to include the requirements of the “full digital arts spectrum”.

This is according to Ashleigh Martyn, sales and marketing manager at Digital Depot, who said that “following the success of supplying products and services to the film and photography industry”, the company would now cover what she termed the “full digital arts spectrum” with products such as Adobe Software, Wacom, GoPro, CorelDraw and various new Thunderbolt devices, now coming online.

These newly-introduced products complement existing ranges that include G-Tech, LaCie, Apple Computers , Sonnet,Black Magic Design, Netstor and ATTO.

“One of our key focuses has been the film and photography industry. But we are now expanding further  – into the design and animation markets – after positive feedback from these market sectors.”

The company has also been successfully selling Apple computers – popular among the film, photography and design industries – and is looking at becoming a reseller of Apple’s

popular iPad range. Digital Depot opened its first retail outlet in Cape Town in March, allowing customers to participate in in-store demonstrations and get a better understanding of new

technologies and workflows available. The company said it will maintain Digital Depot’s online presence, viewing the retail shop as extensions of what it offers the marketplace.

The company also has a technical team providing consulting services, including on-site installations, to ensure that the company can tailor solutions to the particular needs of its clients.

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Digital Depot expands