FTI Launches New Agile Course Portfolio aimed at the multiple stakeholders on Agile Projects

Faculty Training Institute (FTI), the market leader in Business and Systems Analysis training in South Africa has introduced a bouquet of Agile courses that focus on the different roles in the Agile space. FTI’s Agile Series is not restricted to any particular methodology and the underlying Agile approach can be adapted to different methodologies and organisations.

“Agile frameworks have largely been utilised by software developers, but South African organisations are now seeing that that they too can be Agile and lift themselves above narrow methodologies”, says Steve Erlank, Managing Director of FTI.

“Whilst South African organisations were initially slow to embrace the ‘Agile movement’, all indications are that this growth will continue for years to come. South African corporations are now seeing the benefits of embracing Agile,” says Erlank.

FTI has responded to the upsurge in demand for Agile training by bringing a range of new courses to market.

FTI’s Agile Series of courses are tiered at different levels of expertise and are categorised as awareness, fundamentals and mastery level courses.

Offerings in the awareness category include a 1 day Understanding Agile workshop and Professional Development Seminars. Both the Understanding Agile course and tightly focussed awareness seminars aim to evoke interest and understanding of the role and impact of agile in organisations.

FTI’s agile fundamentals programmes include a 2 day Agile Fundamentals and 3 day Scrum Bootcamp course.  FTI’s agile mastery courses are aimed at experienced Agilists. The initial course offerings in this suite include a 2 day Writing and Managing User Stories and 1 day Agile Planning and Estimating course.

The courses are designed to build competencies across all key roles in the agile development environment and provide everything the agile team will need to get started.  The focus is on team based learning through interactive workshops to ensure participants gain practical experience working with the important agile work practices and deliverables.

FTI’s Agile Series of courses has a strong practical component and teaches IT professionals and analysts how they can use many of their existing skills and knowledge in an Agile environment. Organisations are seeking Agile Practitioners, those that have sufficient knowledge and expertise to unlock the full potential of iterative and Agile development.

For further information about FTI’s Agile Series of courses commencing from August 2012, please contact Lauren on 011 8079478 or visit www.fti.co.za

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FTI Launches New Agile Course Portfolio aimed at the multiple stakeholders on Agile Projects