Jasco and Seoketso Africa Technologies brings mobile data capture to Africa with WorkMobile

Jasco Enterprise has recently entered into an agreement with eSAY Solutions in the UK to become an accredited reseller for Africa of their innovative WorkMobile mobile data capture solution. WorkMobile allows organisations of all sizes to easily create forms and to capture business data on smartphones and tablets.  The product works on all mobile and tablet platforms, and effectively transforms the data capturing process from an inefficient paper-based system to a dynamic, mobile solution. The technology was introduced to Jasco by Seoketso Africa Technologies, a strategic partner of the Jasco Group.

The solution significantly improves efficiency and reduces the common pitfalls of paper-based data capture. Because the product is compatible with all major mobile platforms, it enables workers to use the devices they already own to make their jobs easier.

More than 80% of all business documents are forms-based and millions of forms are printed and filled out every day.  However, research shows that 3% of all paper forms are filed incorrectly, 8% are eventually lost, and one out of every three printed forms becomes out of date before it can even be used.  In addition, employees can spend up to three hours per week searching for forms that have been mislabelled, misfiled or lost.  When you look at these facts, it becomes clear that the traditional paper-based form capture process has become inefficient and outdated.

Hailed as one of the ‘Top 25 Business Apps’ in the world today- WorkMobile offers organisations of all sizes a scalable, cost-effective solution for creating, building and completing mobile data capture forms with no IT expertise needed.  It is an enterprise ‘off-the-shelf’ cloud-based solution that allows businesses to eliminate paper forms, reducing costs, waste and time-consuming administration.  “Our partnership with Jasco for the African region was a natural choice for us. The company is forward thinking, steeped in a long history of success combined with a technology footprint that spans the region.” says Dr. Moneeb Awan, Managing Director of eSAY Solutions.

With WorkMobile’s intuitive interface, it is easy to create customised mobile forms which can then be used by field workers to capture information.  A feature-rich toolbox includes basic form functionality such as calendars, text boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons and more.  It also offers advanced features such as barcode scanning, photo and signature capture and location-aware GPS functionality.  Form set-up and configuration data is stored in a centralised database for anytime, anywhere access, enabling forms to be created and changed dynamically so they remain constantly up to date – the latest version is instantly available to all users.

Using WorkMobile not only reduces paper usage, but also nullifies the requirement to manually capture that data electronically. All WorkMobile data is automatically stored in a hosted database and can be exported in a variety of formats for analysis, including CSV, PDF, HTML and XML, with reports delivered straight into the inbox of the right people. This reduces the risk of human error, saving time and money, as well as ensuring that information is always available in real time. Jasco professional services can be engaged to integrate the forms information database into back-end business systems, to ensure that data captured is available instantly and in the correct business format and systems.

WorkMobile works on a credit system, with a charge for filing of forms and not their creation.  To file a form costs either one credit for basic functionality or a maximum of two credits for advanced functionality such as the capturing of images.  It is available in a prepaid model ideal for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as a user-based license model for corporates. As an accredited channel partner, Jasco will offer credits to the local market, and add further value through provisioning of integration and other professional services. Jasco’s technical support teams will also provide local field support and  training for the capture staff as well as the back office staff of customers.

“WorkMobile is truly unique; and it is a product that is applicable across all industry spectrums and all sizes of organisations.  We see enormous potential for this product in both public and private enterprises, and are excited to diversify our offering with this innovative solution,” says Paul Fick, Divisional Managing Director of Jasco Enterprise.

Says Sizwe Kotane, CEO of Seoketso Africa Technologies: “South Africa is ready for this technology when we consider the uptake of mobility in the local market.  This technology provides significant benefits to various markets, one of which we believe is a strong application in the public sector for data capturing and administration purposes. Seoketso plan to introduce this solution to the public sector, allowing them to further harness the benefits that a mobile workforce delivers.”

“We will be offering not only the prepaid and licensed models, but also a hosted service out of our data centre, as well as a private cloud offering that can be installed behind the corporate firewall, in line with the Jasco Group’s strategic direction to diversify our offering and grow cloud services,” Fick concludes.

WorkMobile is available immediately from Jasco Enterprise. For a free trial visit: https://www.mobileformtracker.co.za

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Jasco and Seoketso Africa Technologies brings mobile data capture to Africa with WorkMobile