Schneider Electric SA introduces Leonardo air conditioning systems from Uniflair

Specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric South Africa, has announced the local availability of the Leonardo air conditioning systems by Uniflair S.p.A.

Uniflair S.p.A, a manufacturer of in-room precision cooling systems and modular access floors primarily for data centres and telecommunications applications, was acquired by the global leader in critical power and cooling services, Schneider Electric, in 2011.

The Leonardo air conditioning systems offer maximum reliability, efficiency, precision and are environmentally friendly. The units, have been designed to provide a very high ratio of sensible to total cooling.

According to Erman Marini, managing director at Uniflair South Africa, modern electronic equipment may be able to operate under a relatively wide range of conditions, but its longevity and reliability are greatly enhanced under constant conditions of temperature and humidity. “All the heat must be removed to prevent catastrophic increases in temperature. Although electronic equipment produces only sensible heat, humidity must be monitored to prevent possible system faults. Leonardo air condition units are specifically designed to maintain temperature and humidity conditions within extremely tight tolerances, even when the heat load fluctuates,” he says.

Painstaking design, stringent testing and Total Quality production processes ensure that Leonardo units have the outstanding reliability that is a prerequisite for complex high technology installations.

The UG40 microprocessor control constantly monitors the status of unit components and environmental parameters in order to ensure correct operation functioning during all modes of operation, Leonardo also has intrinsic protection against abnormal or potentially damaging operating conditions.

“With all electrics in accordance with international IEC standards, Uniflair units offer maximum safety to users,” says Marini.

He adds that the minimising of operating costs in high-tech installations is becoming more an imperative in a competitive marketplace. “Combined with the ever-greater emphasis on respect for the environment, this means that high energy efficiency is now a key factor in precision air conditioning,” he says.

Leonardo units have been designed with this objective at the top of the agenda. Their low energy consumption is the result of an exhaustive analysis covering everything from the choice of components to the constant refinement of design solutions:

  •      SCROLL compressors are used throughout the range.
  •      Electronic expansion vales (EEV) are standard throughout the range.
  •      High efficiency backward curved fans are available with an electronically commutated motor or with a traditional asynchronous motor.
  •      Optimised airflow pattern to reduce pressure drops both internally and at the discharge.
  •      Energy saving versions, which maximise free cooling time and thus minimise compressor operation.
  •      Effective integration in mixed systems that use high capacity chillers with free-cooling coils designed for these applications.
  •      Control strategies ensure optimum operation of system components under all operating conditions.
  •      Control software that operates energy-saving cycles to maximum effect.
  •      Tandem compressor versions for very high part-load efficiency.

Versatility is at the heart of the Leonardo concept and the units include different acoustic linings for the panels of the unit casing, different fan configurations to cover a wide range of requirements, a range of filter types and grades can be specified, and a minimal footprint with frontal access for all maintenance.

Furthermore, the control system for the units is extremely reliable, very flexible and offers high performance. It includes the Modbus communication protocol directly on the RS485 serial card, removing the need for any gateway.

“The systems have also been designed and developed to interact with the most widely used building management systems, exchanging data via the most common communication protocols through serial connections, LANs, Ethernet or modem links,” says Marini.

In respect of the environment, the Leonardo range is the result of detailed design and innovative green solutions. “In technological locations, this translates into the use of recyclable materials and environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R410A used in accordance with the current standards in force,” he adds.

R410A refrigerant combines high levels of efficiency with environmental compatibility, it does not contribute to ozone depletion and possesses excellent thermodynamic features.

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Schneider Electric SA introduces Leonardo air conditioning systems from Uniflair