DCC introduces advanced data backup, recovery and de-duplication for the SME from Dell

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is delivering affordable, advanced data backup and recovery with de-duplication technology to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market with the new Dell DR4000. Designed to help organisations deal with relentless growth in data and increasing regulations around digital data retention, the DR4000 with de-duplication delivers a significantly reduced storage footprint and drives down total cost of data storage.

“The DR4000 is an affordable high-performance, disk-based backup and recovery appliance that is simple to deploy and manage. It offers de-duplication technology, which optimises storage capacity by ensuring that only one copy of any data is stored, including multiple instances of emails, attachments and files. Duplicates are identified and removed, eliminating redundant data. With an expected data reduction ratio as high as 15:1 these technologies ensure that all necessary data is retained and secure, but that storage costs in terms of physical disk requirement are far lower thanks to optimised storage ability,” says Jaco Erasmus, Dell Storage Specialist at DCC.

The DR4000 also combines built-in data protection safeguards in both hardware and software to verify backup integrity. Non-volatile RAM (NV-RAM) technology means that data is protected in case of power loss, with proactive corruption detection as a result of faulty hardware. Enhanced data recovery is provided by replication, which enables data to be replicated to another branch in multi-branch environments. De-duplication ensures that this process is optimised, minimising cost and inefficiency typically associated with distributed backup environments.

“The main feature of the DR4000 is its ability to save SMEs money, not only in terms of reducing storage costs but also in reducing downtime resulting from data loss. With the DR4000 organisations can restore their data in a matter of minutes, because it is onsite, optimised and easy to recover,” Erasmus says. “It is also a compact unit, which takes up less space and uses less power than standard disk backup devices, making it more environmentally friendly and ideal for SMEs where space is often a key concern.”

The DR4000 appliance is available in three different post-RAID capacities: 2.7TB, 5.4TB and 9.0TB. With a de-duplication up to 15:1 this equates to up to 130TB of logical capacity in 2U rack space. An all-inclusive licensing model ensures there are no hidden costs involved, so future features and benefits are available to customers at no extra cost.

For more information, visit DCC at www.drivecon.net, or contact:

Jaco Erasmus

Dell Enterprise Division

Drive Control Corporation

Tel: 011-2018927

Email: [email protected]

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DCC introduces advanced data backup, recovery and de-duplication for the SME from Dell