Samsung Electronics Receives the Greatest Number of Awards at IDEA 2012

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd received seven awards at IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) 2012, which is the world’s most prestigious design contest organised by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Samsung Electronics received the greatest number of awards among the participating companies.

Seven enterprise awards:

In the enterprise category, Samsung Electronics was presented with seven awards – four gold awards, two silver awards, and one bronze award.

The company’s digital X-Ray equipment (XEGO-GU60, XGEO-GC80) and digital X-Ray user interface (UI) received the gold award, indicating a bright future for Samsung Electronics’ medical equipment business, which the company is developing as a new, promising enterprise.

‘Digital x-Ray (XEGO-GU60)’ received a favourable evaluation in recognition of its application of a colour indication system that provides intuitive information to the user and patient on the equipment operation status and the progress of the exam.

‘Digital x-Ray (XGEO-GC80)’ received the gold award thanks to its substantial reduction of the examination time by displaying x-Ray results without having to go through a print process; as well as the ‘Digital x-Ray User Interface’, which has visualised important information to increase user visibility.

A portable induction cooktop is a kitchen appliance that is being used in a greater number of homes. Samsung Electronics’ portable induction cooktop (CTN431SC01) received the gold award in recognition for its application of a surface material that ensures easy cleaning and an intuitive user interface.

Silver awards were presented to the new ‘Series 9’, which is a 13.3” ultra-slim, ultra-lightweight notebook that measures only 12.9 millimeters and showcases refined beauty; and the ‘NX200’, a digital camera that has applied metal to emphasize its image as a precision instrument for professionals.

The ‘SB970’ is a monitor that has adopted clear glass for its front to result in understated beauty in its form, and was awarded a bronze medal. Thirteen products, including the ‘GALAXY Note’ and ‘ES8000’, a Samsung smart TV, were chosen as finalists.

President BK Yoon, who is the director of the Design Management Center of Samsung Electronics, said, “I am glad that the company received a favourable evaluation for its user-centered designs. We will continue to unveil designs that are outstanding in terms of both aesthetics and functions.”

Samsung Electronics is striving to boost design competitiveness, which is a critical factor in developing ‘soft’ competitiveness in the 21st century. Its efforts include decisive and bold design management, SADI, as well as various design expert-training programmes such as the Samsung Design Membership.

The IDEA 2012 awards ceremony will be held in Boston, US on August 18th 2012

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Samsung Electronics Receives the Greatest Number of Awards at IDEA 2012