Konica Minolta Medical SA introduces world’s first 17 x 17 inch wireless FPD

Following the introduction of the AeroDR 14 x 17 inch flat panel detector (FPD) to the South African market last year, the new and innovative AeroDR 17 x 17 inch wireless unit is now available to both the local and southern African markets through Konica Minolta Medical South Africa (KMMSA), a member of the Bidvest Group of companies.

The growth of computed radiography over the past 15 years has set the scene for today’s cost effective wireless x-ray detectors. Within this context, and based on its reputation for introducing technology that changes the way people work, Konica Minolta developed the world’s first wireless 17 x 17 inch FPD, weighing in at only 3,6 kg.

According to Chrizelle van der Westhuizen, product manager at KMMSA, safety played a major factor in the wireless FPD’s creation. “A significant safety advantage of the new wireless FPD is that it comes equipped with a lithium-ion capacitor continuous charge battery. This means that it won’t overheat, expand or cause damage to the panel.”

The larger sized FPD also improves clinical workflow and patient care by offering users more versatility in positioning patients, and allowing for more clinical data on every exposure, which may decrease the number of exposures needed for studies that require imaging a larger region of interest.

AeroDR detectors incorporate Konica Minolta’s own Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator that boasts ultra-high detector quantum efficiency (DQE). These detectors also take advantage of the unit’s very low power circuitry design, which decreases read out noise and further raises quantum efficiency.

“All our AeroDR systems deliver high image quality, reliability and easy workflow integration into general radiography environments,” states Van der Westhuizen.

Importantly, AeroDR systems are in line with international standards for both the 14 x 17 and 17 x 17 inch cassette sizes. This means that the FPDs fit existing wall stands and bucky trays without modifications, assisting a facility to maximise its investment in existing equipment.

AeroDR systems are also offered in many configurations to meet both retrofit and new room purchase scenarios. “A new AeroDR portable x-ray upgrade kit solution is also available to efficiently turn portable x-ray systems into digital, wireless solutions,” adds Van der Westhuizen

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Konica Minolta Medical SA introduces world’s first 17 x 17 inch wireless FPD