Get real value from your CCTV footage with BriefCam VS Forensics from Graphic Image Technologies

Theft, robberies and syndicated crime are an unfortunate reality in South Africa, and CCTV cameras form an important part of today’s security strategy in all areas, from suburbs and closed communities to retailers, corporates to casinos, hospitals, public transport and more. The problem is, however, that in most cases there is simply not enough manpower to sift through hours of this footage for evidence when a crime occurs.

The award-winning BriefCam VS Forensics solution from Graphic Image Technology (GIT) is the answer. Using proprietary Video Synopsis (VS) technology, you can browse and review hours of video in a matter of minutes, enabling you to identify and investigate incidents quickly, provide evidence and take action.

BriefCam VS Forensics is an easy-to-use standalone software application that runs off a Windows-based Server. It enables users to rapidly review and index full length video footage using VS technology, which delivers the simultaneous presentation of multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. These synopsis videos can then be used for identification, audits, behavioural analysis and more.

“Forensic technology such as BriefCam’s VS Forensics solution enables any user of CCTV systems to actually leverage real value from the hours of footage generated. Catching criminals is an obvious application of the system, and the deterrent that such a system provides can go a long way towards preventing theft and helping law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute offenders,” says Mark Chertkow, Managing Director of GIT.

“However this software has many more applications. Casinos can use it to ensure cheating does not happen at card tables, retailers can use it to analyse consumer shopping patterns for improved store layouts, even hospitals can make use of BriefCam VS Forensics to monitor patient care. Once problem areas have been identified and trends have been picked up, users can then use this to modify behaviours in any scenario,” he adds.

Using BriefCam VS Forensics software users can index and view original event videos with a single click and combine multiple clips into a single summary review, turning hours of footage into synopses of just a few minutes. It is then possible to apply areas of interest and areas of exclusion to either hone in on a specific area or exclude areas of footage that are not relevant, reducing review time even further.

The software features an easy to use, intuitive Graphic User Interface and is capable of processing up to four files simultaneously. Users can also control the summary speed and event density, select and time-stamp events and browse through events frame by frame. Synopsis videos as well as original footage can be exported as evidence video files. Video files can be fed in via network or DVD, removing integration challenges.

“BriefCam VS Forensics is easy to install, easy to use and requires no training. It increases the accuracy of video analysis and dramatically decreases the time required to browse footage, reducing the time and cost of manpower. It enables users to obtain better quality evidence faster, replacing the fast forward function with an intelligent solution that enables all video footage to be reviewed every day for better security,” Chertkow adds.

The BriefCam VS Forensics solutions requires a minimum of a quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 1TB available disk space and Windows 7 operating system.

Graphic Image Technology will be offering the BriefCam VS Forensic software with a powerful server, for productivity right out of the box. The solution is available directly from GIT.

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Get real value from your CCTV footage with BriefCam VS Forensics from Graphic Image Technologies