QlikView Academic Programme Provides Free Business Discovery Software to Higher Education Institutions Around the World

Advances business analytics skills through hands-on experience, preparing the next generation business users who will bring the power of data into better decision making.

In an effort to put the power of QlikView into classrooms of higher-learning institutions across the world, QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK <http://investor.qlikview.com/> ) a leader in Business Discovery, user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today launched the QlikView Academic Programme.  The QlikView Academic Programme allows any accredited, university-level institution to apply for free licenses of the QlikView Business Discovery platform to use within its educational curricula.

Students preparing for careers in today’s challenging global economic environment need exceptionally strong analytical skills and tools to keep pace with rapid change and make better decisions faster, regardless of their field of study. The QlikView platform unleashes analytical and critical thinking skills that make the learning experience richer and more powerful. Students and faculty can easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse data, enabling them to make new connections within their studies and research and discover new insights that drive innovative ideas and better decisions.

Organisations of all types and sizes leverage QlikView’s powerful Business Discovery platform, which enables intuitive user-driven analysis in a Google-like experience, rather than confining it to a predefined path of questions. When academic institutions leverage QlikView, they give students in every discipline the opportunity to learn critical skills that will prepare them for leadership in their chosen fields. Students with QlikView experience will look at information differently. They will understand how to discover patterns, make connections across their areas of study, and use visualisations to bring findings to life.

Universities around the globe are already benefiting from the QlikView Academic Programme.  With this knowledge and hands-on experience, students become competitive graduates poised for successful careers.

Villanova University’s School of Business is addressing the need for students to build strong analytics skills with newly designed business intelligence courses for undergraduate MIS (Management of Information Systems) majors and MBA students.  Students benefit by learning about the advances in analytics and the corresponding new opportunities that use analytics to help tackle complex business and societal challenges.  The classes also give students the opportunity to apply analytics skills to real business scenarios.

“Analytics is going mainstream, which makes it important for us to invigorate the classroom and that calls for integrating the latest technology into our curriculum,” said Wenhong Luo, Associate Professor of Accounting and Information Systems at Villanova School of Business.  “QlikView fits perfectly with my curriculum, and it is so easy to learn that students are able to build BI applications after a few classes.  Working with QlikView, we are giving students the opportunity to tackle real-world business problems, and with this type of experience, students can be productive a lot sooner in their future endeavours.”

Getting Started in the QlikView Academic Programme
The QlikView Academic Programme is for accredited, university-level publicly and privately funded institutions.  Grants are considered for the following:

  • Faculty, visiting instructors and/or research professionals formally associated with an accredited institution;
  • QlikView use tied to a defined course curriculum or formal academic program; and
  • QlikView use for academic research and education purposes, including student and faculty instruction, projects, and demonstrations.

Those representing an accredited institution that need to make sense of complex information are invited to fill out an application for consideration of a QlikView Academic Programme grant.
Please visit http://www.qlikview.com/us/company/academic-program to access the application.

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QlikView Academic Programme Provides Free Business Discovery Software to Higher Education Institutions Around the World