Tablet accessories at an affordable price

Local tablet vendors like Samsung and Apple, to name just two, are selling around 25 000 tablet PCs in South Africa every month.

Tablet accessories are renowned for being really expensive but are an absolute necessity to get the best experience out of your tablet PC.

Clingon Accessories, in association with Groupon SA, have slashed the price of a 14-in-1 accessory kit down to R999, bought separately  the items would cost you over R2,500. The kit is compatible with the number one bestselling tablet in SA Рthe Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 10.1 inch.

A recent shop-out showed that a typical price for a tablet case would be between R500 and R700. A stylus would set you back R200 while a USB / card reader connection kit could cost as much as R500. The iflash drive for example sells for in excess of R1,000 in the retail stores that stock the product. Original OEM car chargers sell for around R600 in some retailers while screen protectors have clocked in at R349 each.

The deal is valid from 17th July for two days only and includes the following:

Black PU leather 360 Case

Red PU leather 360 Case

5in1 USB / Card Reader Connection Kit

Car Charger

Wall Charger

3 metre USB extension cable – compatible with wall charger


Headphone splitter cable that connects to two sets of headphones

Auxiliary cable that connects to car stereo or home theatre system

Retractable USB sync cable that connects to PC / laptop to transfer data

Stylus pen

Screen protector

Silicone fishbone cord management

Slicone rubber protective case protects against “small person abuse”


Groupon special can be viewed here:

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Tablet accessories at an affordable price