Schneider Electric SA releases Ampla Express, optimises energy use and production processes

Specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric South Africa, has announced the release of Ampla Express, designed to assist in the optimisation of energy use and production processes. Ampla Express is a “lite” version of its leading operation management software, Ampla.

Ampla Express is being launched with two targeted applications – Ampla Express: Insights and Ampla Express: OEE+E (Overall Equipment Efficiency + Energy).

Ampla Express: Insights provides users with a comprehensive representation of energy spend in the production environment by centralising energy usage data into meaningful dashboards. By attaching kWh costs to production processes, it provides an overall picture of the plant’s inputs and outputs, including materials, consumables, energy, waste, emissions and more.

Ampla Express: OEE + E combines OEE, an industry wide metric that can assist in the optimisation of production processes, with an energy component to maximise the effectiveness of assets. It will enable users to optimise production processes and stabilise energy use.

“Ampla Express is designed to assist in the optimisation of energy costs and production processes for our industrial customers. Its primary goal is to significantly reduce the time-to-value for our customers, while still offering the flexibility to meet their needs,” says Quintin McCutcheon, SCADA, MES & Telemetry commercial manager at Schneider Electric South Africa.

Ampla sits in the operational layer of PlantStruxure, Schneider Electric’s plant automation architecture that allows companies to optimise energy use and drive maximum efficiency within their operations. In a single environment, measured process and energy data can be analysed and used to achieve a holistically optimised plant.

Ampla can be used across plant operations to identify and improve plant effectiveness. Use of such a tool becomes part of the day-to-day actions of managers, engineers and operators. Ampla enables organisations to improve their competitiveness by reducing costs, increasing production, increasing operational efficiencies, reducing losses and optimising energy consumption.

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Schneider Electric SA releases Ampla Express, optimises energy use and production processes