Schneider Electric Teams with Cisco to Showcase the Future of Sustainable Cities at Cisco House in London

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has showcased its headline sponsorship of Cisco House, a dynamic, connected environment that demonstrates a shared vision of transformational opportunities for countries, cities, and organizations today and in the future. Open for five months from April 2012, Cisco House overlooks London’s Olympic Park and is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative paths to growth and efficiency.

“Our cities around the world are experiencing unprecedented growth, and it’s clear the only practical and sustainable way to manage that growth is through efficiency,” said Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President and CEO, Schneider Electric. “We are pleased to partner with Cisco on Cisco House 2012 to showcase how urban efficiency can be delivered, today, through integration and collaboration.”

Schneider Electric is demonstrating, through their role in Cisco House, how energy costs can be reduced by implementing simple solutions and new business models across the entire energy lifecycle. The fully integrated building and energy management systems provided and installed by Schneider Electric allow the Cisco House teams to make better decisions with regard to the energy consumption of sub-systems providing for more sustainable operations and an improved visitor experience.

In addition to the building and energy management systems installed in the House, a Schneider Electric demo showcases the core facets of a smart city: smart energy: smart mobility; smart water; smart public services; smart buildings, data centres and homes; and smart integration.

Visitors to the 20,000 square foot world-class business showcase center will be challenged to re-think the future, changing their perceptions of cities, countries, and society. They will be taken through a multi-media business transformation journey that looks at how innovative organizations are transforming the world today, as well as the opportunities they can look forward to in the future. The interactive experience features Schneider Electric’s best practices and case studies.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Schneider Electric and some of Cisco’s leading global Alliance Partners on this exciting and innovative project,” said Jim O’Donnell, Managing Director, Cisco House. “The Schneider Electric systems are not only demonstrating energy management strategies to visitors; they’re helping us to run Cisco House itself more efficiently. So far they’ve provided a predictive look into potential HVAC system issues prior to the heat of the summer games and helped us better manage consumption during off-hours for the House.”

Schneider Electric joins Citrix, EMC, Intel and SAP in working together with Cisco to provide technology and resources, including virtual desktops, data storage, processing power, analytical software and energy management to the House. The involvement of different companies from far corners of the technology and energy fields demonstrates the ability to create expert solutions through collaboration.

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Schneider Electric Teams with Cisco to Showcase the Future of Sustainable Cities at Cisco House in London