The key to more effective onsite resource management

Concerns around the treatment of employees, particularly contract staff, raised by the recent labour broker controversy, have highlighted the need for resourcing companies to seriously improve the way in which they operate.

So says Arlene Boing, resourcing business unit manager at Datacentrix, a provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions, who believes that local businesses needing access to quality technical skills and those IT resources seeking employment alike, need to ensure that they partner with a reputable resourcing company that can add value to all stakeholders.

“Organisations, in particular, really need to question whether their IT resource vendors are adding value to their business’ bottom line,” she explains.

Boing maintains that in order to ensure the most effective management of resources, the service provider must form a tri-alliance, between itself, the client and the resource. By remaining actively involved with both the resource onsite, and the client company, you can ensure that both parties are meeting all requirements.

“From a resourcing perspective, this means that resources are remunerated both at a market related level and on a timeous basis, receive the benefits to which they are entitled, as per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), and are imbued with a sense of belonging to the company at which they are placed. This type of hands-on approach helps eliminate some of the serious resourcing issues, including high absenteeism levels and low productivity.”

From a business perspective, a frequent complaint is that resources are not properly vetted. “Each candidate must be properly screened, calling for face-to-face meetings, in-depth reference checks, ‘stay’ and ‘exit’ interviews, as well as regular discussions and meetings to check on resource satisfaction.

“As a provider of IT resources, Datacentrix facilitates regular interactions with both the client and the resource, and also conducts frequent face-to-face meetings and sets bi-annual key performance indicators. Communication to this degree is the only way to ensure that performance matches with the long-term expectations of both the client and the resource.

“A happy workforce means that companies are more likely to retain top talent and become ultimately more competitive,” she adds.

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The key to more effective onsite resource management