Learn how to run fail-proof projects with Barnstone

Projects are the lifeblood of any business. Whether it’s the rollout of a new enterprise resource planning application or the development of a new mine, the ability to implement a project successfully is a key competitive differentiator—and a career-enhancer for ambitious professionals.

However, the rate of project failure is high, with some research suggesting as much as 37% fail. One of the key reasons for project failure is that project implementation itself is often sidelined by a range of other issues.

Help is at hand. Professional services firm Barnstone has conducted research into the most common issues that plague project implementation—and then developed a course to help project managers overcome these challenges in their work environments. The course was designed in conjunction with education specialists Pro-Active College, and will offer four modules over two days: Ensuring a sound foundation, Critical enablers, Project leader competencies, and Approaches that work.

“Barnstone consultants are extremely skilled and experienced when it comes to implementing projects across a wide range of industries,” says Deon Crafford, MD of Barnstone. ”We created the Barnstone Corporate Learning as a way to increase South Africa’s pool of professional skills, and we are pleased to team with a training leader like Pro-Active College to make that experience available by means of the most effective learning methods.”

The course will offer a total-immersion approach. The number of attendees is limited to 20 to give a much more intense learning experience and ensure optimal communication of the insights and methodologies contained in the course. Courses are scheduled during August, September, October and November, and will run in Pretoria.

For more information or to register please contact 0866 191 193

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Learn how to run fail-proof projects with Barnstone