SEACOM Celebrates Foundation Day

In South Africa, SEACOM kicked off the SEACOM Solution Quest with Tembisa Secondary High School in celebration of Foundation Day. This is a three month long social collaboration and mentorship programme where SEACOM employees will work with selected Tembisa Secondary scholars to help them create their own interventions to address the largest socio-economic issues affecting their lives. The SEACOM Solution Quest Team with Tembisa Secondary High School. 



The SEACOM Founders’ Day programme’s objective was to create a series of impactful grassroots community development initiatives across SEACOM’s core territories. This provided a channel for SEACOM employees to directly engage in change orientated social upliftment. Kwanele Mpanza (SEACOM) and students at Tembisa Secondary High School.


Foundation Day activities form part of SEACOM’s holistic Corporate Social Investment strategy to address critical socio-economic challenges facing African communities. Bottom-up community development is one of the core pillars of SEACOM’s CSI approach. SEACOM is driven to achieve and sustain positive social development of the communities it operates in.



Tembisa Secondary students selected by their peers to participate in SEACOM Solution Quest program, were students identified 3 big social issues affecting them and give Insights to the SEACOM staff. Suveer Ramdhani (SEACOM), interacting with students during the SEACOM Solution Quest program.



Quinton Pretorius (Cheesekids), interacting with students at the SEACOM Solution Quest, that was hosted at Tembisa Secondary High School in celebration of Foundation Day.

Martin Sanne (SEACOM), Seth Naicker (Cheesekids), Quinton Pretorius (Cheesekids), Suveer Ramdhani (SEACOM); supporting the SEACOM Founders’ Day programme on 23 July 2012.


“We are excited to mark the third anniversary of our entrance into the market by giving something back to the people in the countries where we have offices. We are looking forward to many more years of helping African telecommunications operators and service providers to bring affordable, high-quality broadband services to business and consumers across the continent.” says Mark Simpson, CEO of SEACOM.

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SEACOM Celebrates Foundation Day