DCC appoints new HP PSG Business Unit Manager, Francois van Wijk

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has appointed Francois van Wijk as its new Hewlett Packard Personal Systems Group (PSG) Business Unit Manager. Van Wijk, who was previously based at DCC’s Cape Town office as Sales Manager, will be responsible for managing the HP notebook and desktop product offering.

Says Van Wijk regarding the start of his IT career: “My passion for IT began when my father brought home our first computer in 1991. It was a state of the art ICL with a 40 MB hard drive and 528 KB memory. Since then, I knew I needed to be in the Information Technology (IT) industry and set off starting my own computer business in high school.”

This business, which was under his ownership for seven years, also made him ABSA’s Top Entrepreneur of South Africa in 2001.

Van Wijk joined DCC in 2005 as the HP Printer & Consumables Product Manager providing him with a solid knowledge of the brand and its product offering. Prior to that, he was employed by an IT distributor and manufacturer, in a sales and managerial position for three years.

The skills he gained in the development, maintenance and performance of all sales staff and activities, as well as strategising customer base expansion, have prepared him for his current position of looking after this Tier 1 brand.

“It is a tremendous and exciting challenge to be given the responsibility of managing HP’s PSG business.  I plan to further develop and grow the business, taking it to the next level.  Maintaining the vendor relationship is also key and together, we will ensure the reseller and retail markets’ needs are met with products that are backed by a solid brand,” says Van Wijk.

Having an understanding DCC from an operational perspective is allowing Van Wijk to transition into this role with relative ease.

Van Wijk is looking forward to the challenge finding more effective ways of solving issues and he plans to motivate and inspire the team to do the same.  Excelling beyond DCC and HP’s expectations and strengthening the company’s position with the HP brand is high on his agenda too.”

When Van Wijk is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and staying abreast of technological developments in the IT industry.

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DCC appoints new HP PSG Business Unit Manager, Francois van Wijk