Warranty repair centres are not as good as they say they are – The Notebook Company

Repair centres – many of which handle warranty repairs for brand name products – are often “too slow, and not as good as they purport to be”, said Christopher Riley, CEO of notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company, which manages the Laptop.co.za  and Notebook.co.za online retail sites.

The Notebook Company has recently come under fire from some corners for steadfastly importing the iPad tablets, while not being an authorized distributor for Apple. Despite this, The Notebook Company was the first company to introduce the very first iPad into SA – and was also the first to import the much-vaunted New iPad better known as the  iPad 3 .  While other vendors – including the local Apple distributor – were unable to get their hands on product, The Notebook Company continued to lead the pack, finding a way to provide its clients with the popular iPads.

“We have always made it quite clear to our clients that we are not official Apple distributors. However, we have offered them our own warranty and, at the end of the day, if we are unable to repair a unit, we simply do a swap-out with a similar priced and featured model –  this has happened a few times – Apples also go faulty – much less than other brands in my experience,” said Riley.

Riley said while The Notebook Company is not an official Apple distributor, he believes his current service levels are “arguably on par with the Local Apple warranty, or even better, and definitely better than most other major brand’s third party repair centres”.

These might be brave words, but so far The Notebook Company has been able to put its money where its mouth is.

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Warranty repair centres are not as good as they say they are – The Notebook Company