More power, more flexibility – new Dell PowerEdge R720 servers now available from DCC

Dell’s 12th Generation PowerEdge Server, the R720, is now available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). Built to run the complex workloads that have become a hallmark of the modern IT environment, the PowerEdge R720 rack server is the ultimate storage solution for medium to large corporates. Key features of the new generation PowerEdge servers include increased performance, updated processors, enhanced management features and added flexibility.

“This product refresh ensures that the servers are capable of handling today’s fast paced computing environment, with highly scalable memory and flexible network options. The PowerEdge delivers what the modern business requires, designed to excel at running a wide range of applications and virtualisation environments. The latest generation of Intel processors, along with new features and functionality and improved support for virtualised environments make these servers the ideal solution for the enterprise of today,” says Jaco Erasmus, Dell Enterprise Specialist at DCC.

The Dell PowerEdge R720 rack server features highly expandable memory up to 768GB, with high input/output (I/O) capacity, with the latest generation of Sandy Bridge Intel Xeon processors to ensure optimum processing power. The R720 also has the ability to support dual RAID controllers, making it ideal for demanding workloads, including data warehousing, high performance computing (HPC) and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).

“Today’s businesses have to deal with an explosion of data, along with increasingly complex environments. The PowerEdge R720 allows for up to 16 internal hard drives, as well as the ability to add up to four Solid State Drives (SSDs) using the front access PCI Express port. This allows businesses to scale storage as necessary to keep pace with increasing demand. Dell’s flexible Network Interface Card (NIC) technology also enables organisations to choose the right network fabric to meet their needs without using a PCIe slot,” Erasmus adds.

Standard features include Dell’s next business day on-site warranty, space for up to 24 DIMMs of memory, PCIe 3.0 enabled expansion slots, and a choice of NIC technologies. Optional extras for the PowerEdge R720 provide additional features and functionality, including internal Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerators for greater performance in HPC and VDI environments.

Enhanced system management capabilities enable organisations to use the PowerEdge R720 to manage both physical and virtual assets in a VDI and maximise virtual machine uptime using redundant failsafe hypervisors. Dell’s Virtual Integrated System (VIS) solution enables complex virtualisation environments to be enabled quickly and intuitively with a few mouse clicks.

“Virtualisation is the future of the IT environment, and technologies need to support this if they are to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. The 12th Generation Dell PowerEdge servers have been designed with these needs in mind and are ideal for running complex, virtualised environments. They offer greatly enhanced functionality along with updated technology, at a similar price point to previous generations. This means more features for the same price, demonstrating excellent value for money,” Erasmus concludes.

The Dell PowerEdge R720 is available immediately from Drive Control Corporation.

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More power, more flexibility – new Dell PowerEdge R720 servers now available from DCC