Embrace the Supernatural with Witches and Vampires

In this game, witches are powerful supernaturals with magical abilities that can be used for good or for evil. Witches who possess the “good” trait will tend to cast beneficial spells, while those who possess the “evil” trait will tend to cast nasty curses. However, both good and bad witches are naturally gifted in the magic arts and are capable of casting a variety of spells that range from the healing to the horrifying. As witches become more experienced spell casters, they will progress from simple charms to more potent spells with surprising effects, including the ability to turn Sims into toads or raise the dead by turning ghosts into lumbering zombies! Witches can show off their powers by dueling with other witches, casting spells and counter-spells with impressive speed.

Witches can be created directly in CAS and come with various customization options that go beyond the typical green-skinned, wart-covered hag. Male, female, old, young, ugly, beautiful—players can design their witch in any number of ways, then choose just the right model of broom and take off to the magic broom arena to test out some stellar stunts. Witches also use magical wands to channel their powers and can upgrade their basic wand to a more advanced version with distinct effects on their spell casting.

Sims should certainly be wary of witches, especially with the rise of the full moon, when their powers are strongest. However, they should also watch out for vampires, the dark and passionate predators who feast on the blood of the living, turning ordinary Sims into one of their kind with a single bite. Vampires tend to stalk the night and hunt for victims, aided by their mesmerizing mind-control abilities and mastery of seduction. Vampires age more slowly than ordinary Sims, gain skills faster and can run at great speeds for long distances without fatigue.

Like witches and other supernatural Sims, vampires can be created in CAS and are fully customizable from the start of the game. Vampires are brooding and intense, with a dangerous, sexy vibe that drives other Sims crazy. Ordinary Sims who long to possess these traits—or who fall in love with a vampire—can ask to be turned by undergoing a special ritual performed in a dark and secluded place. While vampires prefer the dark of night, they can also venture into the sunlight when protected by the powerful Vampiric Sunscreen elixir.


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Embrace the Supernatural with Witches and Vampires