New Technology to Connect Facebook with Real Life Events.

Liquid Lemon announces the launch of an innovative new use of RFID technology to help connect real life events with the world of Social Media.

One of the latest and fast-growing trends in Europe, is the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology to help Brands connect their customers to the world of social media, during events and activities such as brand activations. Suzanne Rogers, Director at Liquid Lemon, says “There has been an upsurge in the recent number of cases involving Global Brands, such as Coca Cola, Renault & Red Bull, using this technology during their Brand Activations”.

Through a strategic partnership with one of Europe’s leaders in this new category, Liquid Lemon is proud to announce the introduction of this innovative technology to the South African market.


“These new products, called Swipe Stations, are innovative RFID devices which allow users to simply & easily, connect to their Facebook pages during Real Life events & experiences” explains Rogers.

“Users are given RFID enabled cards, wristbands or even tickets, which the user registers to his or her own Facebook page via our Facebook App. These cards allow users to connect to their Facebook page by scanning the Card or Wristband at any Swipe Station, which in turn, posts branded content to their friends, via Facebook or other Social Media.”

Swipe Stations can be positioned at various points around the venue, and are configured to perform a variety of functions, ranging from a simple “Like” to taking a users photo, all of which, is then automatically uploaded to the users Facebook page.

“ Through our use of RFID, says Rogers, no longer is there the need for a user to have a mobile device such as a smartphone, or Tablet, in order to post to Facebook, making it ideal in situations where the environment is not really suitable to carrying such a device, for example, a theme park with water rides, or sporting events in which the user is participating. It also has an advantage in environments where signal is poor and users are unable to connect to the Internet via their smartphones.” 

Coca Cola recently used this RFID technology to promote itself at a Coca Cola Amusement Park. Visitors to the park were given RFID enabled Wristbands, which were, linked to their Facebook pages, giving them the opportunity to “Like” various water rides & other attractions through a variety of Stations which were strategically positioned throughout the park. In addition, a number of Photo Stations were also installed around the Park, giving visitors the chance of capturing the moment, and with one simple swipe of their Wristband, it was automatically uploaded to the visitors Facebook page, with a photo tag.

In a 3-day event, there were 35000 updates from just 1950 visitors – a staggering average of 17.9 updates per visitor.  “Considering that the average South African Facebook user has approximately 130 friends, imagine the amplification effect for a company or brand using this technology. If only 50% of the total number of visitors in this case study, made use of the technology, it would generate approximately 2,2 Million Facebook impressions for that Company or Brand” Says Rogers.

The potential use of such technology is endless; from exhibitions & concerts, to Sporting events & Product Launches, Swipe Stations are the perfect solution for any company or Brand looking for that competitive edge during their experiential marketing activities.

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New Technology to Connect Facebook with Real Life Events.