Your music, your way – no compromises

By Bruce Byrne, Philips Product Specialist at Drive Control Corporation

Remember CDs? Or going back even further, remember cassettes? They took up space, they broke, you could only keep maybe 20 songs on a single disk or tape and they made music inconvenient to carry, listen to on the go, and share. The digital revolution changed all of this, with MP3s that can now be downloaded in a matter of minutes and stored on any number of devices from memory sticks and flash drives to compact MP3 players, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

When it comes to playing back this digital music and sharing it however, the speakers that are available can vary widely in terms of sound quality, and battery life of storage and playback devices can be problematic. Enter the docking station, a convenient, compact device that provides charging and playback all in one, with new generation docking stations providing crystal sound clarity and a range of features and functionality to suit any audiophile’s needs.

Docking stations started off as devices that were available exclusively for Apple branded products. However, the popularity of the digital music world and the proliferation of smartphones and other devices capable of playing digital music means that this market has grown exponentially. Docking stations are now available to charge and playback from practically any brand of smart phone, as well as MP3 players and even tablet PCs. The range of devices has also expanded dramatically, from small alarm clock or clock radio type of devices that include a docking station to docks for multiple devices, compact Hi-Fi systems and even full on surround sound speaker systems.

Some docking stations are compatible with Apple products, others with Android, Blackberry, Nokia and other Micro USB smartphone devices. Some incorporate auxiliary input to plug in a variety of external devices including any type of MP3 player. Some have Bluetooth capability, and some have USB slots to enable direct playback from a flash drive. Some docking stations incorporate CD players for those who still require old school technology, and some even incorporate a DVD player and can be used as a component speaker system for the television. When it comes to choosing a docking station, consumers must consider their own personal needs and find a device with the features to suit.

One thing however which consumers should never compromise on is the quality of sound produced by the docking station. Just because the devices are compact, does not mean the audio should be of a poor quality. Whether you want sound for personal use or sound that can keep a party rocking all night, there is a docking station available.

These music making devices are also highly convenient, providing a permanent, cable-free charging station for mobile devices. They are affordable too, so you can put one in every room in the house, and even in the office, letting you charge your phone and play your music, whichever room you happen to be in. You could even install a dock in the kitchen and have a tablet PC connected to the Internet to browse recipes, watch cooking tutorial videos and more. Because they are so portable, they can go with you on holiday or to a friend’s and you will never be without your music again. Some of them are even capable of running off battery power and are rugged enough to take to the park, the beach, or wherever the party is.

Music has always been part of life, but in today’s world we have the advantage of keeping all of our music in digital format on highly portable devices. Playing this music back should be just as easy and convenient. But docking stations are about so much more than just playing your music. They offer convenient, wireless charging for a variety of MP3 and smartphone devices, and they are portable and easy to use. They provide high quality audio, an alarm clock system, additional inputs for auxiliary devices or flash drives, and even Bluetooth connectivity. They are also sleek, elegant and designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

The docking station is a compact replacement for the traditional Hi-Fi, and on some models a home theatre sound system, a CD player and more. In today’s lifestyle of the digital, connected and always on consumer, docking stations let you have your music, your way, without compromising on sound quality, convenience or design.

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Your music, your way – no compromises