Protect your IT infrastructure from physical threats with APC NetBotz from DCC

IT Infrastructure is the heart of any modern enterprise, and any downtime or disruption can have a detrimental effect on business operations. Dust, heat, humidity and even people can all cause damage to sensitive equipment, potentially shutting down organisations. You can protect your data centre and IT infrastructure from physical threats, both environmental and human, with APC’s Netbotz active security and environmental monitoring solutions, available now from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

“Protecting IT infrastructure is vital, but it is not necessarily a viable option to have a physical security guard in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Netbotz from APC offers a smart alternative solution, with a complete set of tools that automates the monitoring of infrastructure and alerts the correct people, should something happen. Netbotz delivers a scalable suite of intelligent appliances including sensors, access controls and cameras, which can be tailored to suit a variety of mission critical data environments,” says Robert Brandt, UPS and Infrastructure Product Specialist at DCC.

Netbotz delivers a crucial layer of physical security for any IT environment, providing constant monitoring and protection for IT assets by constantly monitoring these assets for a variety of criteria. Netbotz instantly alerts relevant individuals of air conditioner failures, fires, leaking pipes, smoke, condensation and other hazards, giving people time to respond before these problems can become catastrophes. Netbotz also provides recorded video footage, so that when human error is a factor this video feed will show exactly what happened and when.

The Netbotz solution offers organisations peace of mind when it comes to IT assets, ensuring that even remote sites are monitored to the highest levels of accuracy and eliminating the dangers of human error. The system includes a monitoring appliance, environmental sensors, a colour security camera and integrated software which assesses the severity of threats and notifies appointed individuals in case of problems. The solution uses InfraStruXure Central, a central station platform application that can communicate with, configure, manage, archive and provide trend analysis on data from one to hundreds of Netbotz appliances throughout a distributed enterprise. Third party sensors can also be integrated for additional functionality such as glass breakage, gas detection, fuel levels on generators, pressure and so on.

“Netbotz offers centralised networked management for any number of data centres, even those that are geographically distributed. It can also be connected into certain building management systems for a total automated solution. This solution is ideal for environments where the data centre is mission critical, including financial services, police, hospitals, emergency services, law firms and more. It is also perfect in the South African context as Netbotz can be connected to a UPS solution to monitor electricity surges, dips and spikes,” Brandt concludes.

Drive Control Corporation has added the Netbotz security and environmental monitoring solution to its comprehensive range of APC product offerings. The distributor is stocking and distributing the Netbotz range with immediate effect.


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Protect your IT infrastructure from physical threats with APC NetBotz from DCC