The Sims 3 Seasons Summer Overview

As the lazy days of the summer season roll in and temperatures start to soar, Sims are looking for any excuse to enjoy the great outdoors.  The sun shines brightly from the sky and it’s time to head to the beach, the park or just to the backyard pool.

More athletic Sims can head over to the soccer field to kick around a ball and compete in shoot-outs or Sims can also head on over to the festival lot where they’ll find tons of new activities.

At the summer festival, Sims can toss horseshoes at the court, or sample some tasty snow cones as they relax in the shade. They can also enter a hot dog eating contest, get their faces painted with new designs, or enjoy the flavors of new summer foods like pulled pork and chili cheese fries. There’s even a tanning booth to get Sims ready for swimsuit season.  Be careful using it too much though, your Sim could end up with an embarrassing uneven tan or worse, be orange!

Sims who have a pool can take a leap from the diving board or relax in a floating pool lounger. Braver Sims can even beat the heat and venture into the undiscovered ocean waters for a swim or float.

Somewhere in the town, Sims will be holding a festival to celebrate the season. When the summer sun goes down, it’s time for a wild celebration with bright fireworks and sparklers.  Sims can play with all kinds of sparkling toys from ground spinners and snakes to fountains and rockets!


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The Sims 3 Seasons Summer Overview