Nokia Siemens Networks releases its Sustainability Report 2011

Expands reporting on sustainability and other areas of corporate responsibility

Nokia Siemens Networks has today published its 2011 Sustainability Report. The annual report provides details about the company’s increased transparency in terms of social, economic and environmental accountability. The company has become more transparent on areas used to evaluate responsible business practice by customers, governments and non-governmental organizations.

In putting together its 2011 Sustainability Report, Nokia Siemens Networks undertook detailed analysis of the sustainability requirements and targets that impact sustainability of its own and its key stakeholders, including operator customers. The company used this information to increase data disclosure and transparency in key areas, including environmental performance, health and safety, and supply chain related information.

“We remain as committed as ever to sustainability,” said Rajeev Suri, chief executive officer, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our commitment to the values embodied in the UN Global Compact is demonstrated by our continued action on issues such as human rights and ethical business.”

Nokia Siemens Networks is focusing on effective systems and processes that ensure compliance and help meet stakeholder expectations in key areas. The company made good progress in 2011 in key areas including improving supplier capability and managing the environmental impacts of our operations.

Nokia Siemens Networks became the first telecoms company to introduce a human rights risk assessment and due diligence system as part of its sales process. The company jointly initiated a dialog with others in telecoms industry to develop common principles on privacy and freedom of expression.

The company maintained strong focus on improving safety in its Global Services business by providing extensive training and auditing its contractors. Safety will remain a high priority in the company’s sustainability efforts in 2012.

For the first time the report is assured according to the international AA1000 AS (2008) standard, ensuring that the content responds to stakeholders’ needs.

Further highlights in the 2011 Sustainability Report, include:

  • Nokia Siemens Networks achieved energy efficiency savings of 9,450 MWh and rolled out its first off-grid base station in Germany with zero operating emissions
  • Achieved company-wide ISO 14001 certification
  • Trained 5,647 employees on anti-corruption in face-to-face training sessions
  • Achieved OHSAS 18001 safety certification in four more countries, bringing the total to 14
  • Trained 76 suppliers on sustainability through workshops in five high-risk countries
  • Implemented a human rights risk assessment and due diligence process in its sales process globally
  • Initiated a joint dialog with operators and vendors to develop common principles on privacy and freedom of expression
  • 90% of employees completed ethical business conduct training

The full version of the report can be viewed at:

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Nokia Siemens Networks releases its Sustainability Report 2011