Océ South Africa announces new VarioPrint DP Line black & white digital press solution

Océ South Africa, a leader in digital document management and delivery, has announced the local availability of the Océ VarioPrint DP Line of next-generation light to mid-production monochrome digital presses.

Featuring the strengths of Canon and Océ production print technologies, including the Océ PRISMAsync controller, the Océ VarioPrint DP Line incorporates a clean-sheet design and innovative technologies for optimal image quality and productivity in a highly sustainable system. The Océ VarioPrint DP Line offers users the performance and workflow integration capabilities necessary to satisfy today’s competitive quick printing, print-for-pay and in-plant/ CRD environments.

The Océ VarioPrint 135/120/110 digital presses from Océ South Africa combine the company’s print technology, engine and controller with integrated Canon scanning and finishing solutions to create a highly configurable production platform.

To enhance in-house productivity, Océ PRISMAsync operation management software makes it easy for operators to manage complex print jobs while delivering Océ’s renowned image consistency. The powerful Océ PRISMAsync controller closely integrates with other PRISMA workflow modules to help automate steps within the print production process, helping to decrease costs by delivering increased productivity. Further, the reduced footprint Océ VarioPrint 135/120/110 digital presses deliver instant-productivity and multiple-finishing options including stacking, multi-punch, and perfect binding, empowering users to provide a wide range of profitable print applications.

“With customers seeking to maximise profitability and output quality, the Océ VarioPrint DP Line is further evidence that the combined resources of Canon and Océ deliver the broadest and most advanced portfolio of professional print solutions,” says Jaco Smit, DDS product manager at Océ South Africa.

The Océ VarioPrint DP Line is available with engine speeds of up to 135, 120 and 110 letter-sized, images per minute and incorporates a diverse range of scanning and finishing capabilities from the Canon imagePRESS digital press line. Driving the heart of the new system is innovative Océ DirectPress technology, which does not use light, high temperatures or electrical charges to create an image, making it a reliable and more sustainable alternative to traditional technologies for the black and white market.

A low fusing temperature results in greater media integrity and allows for precise finishing. Océ DirectPress technology also replaces the multiple process steps used in traditional electrophotographic printing technologies with a single, digital, no-variable process resulting in highly stable and consistent quality output.

For customers seeking to reduce their environmental impact, the Océ VarioPrint DP Line utilises Océ HeatXchange technology incorporated into the printer to reduce energy consumption by transferring heat used to fuse toner onto paper from printed sheets to new sheets entering the print path. By recycling heat, customers can reduce their energy consumption, a unique benefit when compared to other digital press systems in its class. Further enhancing the flexibility of the new platform of the Océ VarioPrint DP Line is one of the lowest TEC (Typical Energy Consumption) values in the mid-production market.

Additionally, Océ DirectPress technology produces no ozone emissions, making for a cleaner working environment for system users than is seen in shops with ozone-producing equipment. Despite its reduced energy consumption, device productivity is high because of Océ EnergyLogic technology. Océ EnergyLogic technology matches the power requirements of a print job with the available power in the system, allowing it to start printing quickly after a cold start and continue printing uninterrupted regardless of stock weight.

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Océ South Africa announces new VarioPrint DP Line black & white digital press solution