Ultrabook performance at a fraction of the cost – the new Verbatim SSD upgrade kit from DCC

One of the major benefits of new ultrabook technology is the integrated Solid State Drive (SSD), which offers faster data transfer, faster system bootup, better system performance, improved battery life and increased shock resistance, amongst other benefits. However, one of the major downsides to ultrabooks is the often hefty price tag. Now you can get ultrabook performance at a fraction of the price of an ultrabook with the new Verbatim SSD upgrade kit, available now from distributor Drive Control Corporation.

The Verbatim SATA-II Solid State Drive Kit contains everything you need to upgrade your notebook or even your desktop from Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage to high speed, high quality SSD. In addition to a Verbatim 2.5” SSD in either 64GB or 128GB, the kit includes easy-to-use disk cloning software and a 2.5”external drive enclosure to enable the original HDD to be reused as a USB attached external hard drive. The kit also includes a USB 2.0 cable and a 3.5” mounting bracket, screws and a Molex to SATA power cable for optional desktop installation.

“Simply connect the SSD your laptop or desktop using the USB cable, then follow the instructions in the quick installation guide to help you install the drive’s preloaded cloning software. This allows you to transfer your computer’s operating system from your HDD to the SSD. You can also transfer programmes and files, depending on the available capacity of the SSD. Once this is done, shut down the laptop, remove the SSD from the enclosure, remove your computer’s HDD and replace it with the SSD. When you start up your machine it will be running off the SSD. You can then turn the existing hard drive into an external drive by placing it in the enclosure,” says Drika Wilkins, Verbatim Product Specialist at DCC

SSDs use flash memory which offers super fast read and write speeds, which translates into faster startup and better performance. There are also no moving parts in an SSD so they operate silently, require less power to run resulting in longer battery life, and are shock and vibration resistant.

“The Verbatim kit lets you enjoy the performance of an ultrabook without the price tag, and the kits are very competitively priced. The entire process is easy to do yourself and takes just a few minutes. In no time at all you can experience the many benefits of running a SSD, and you get an external hard drive into the bargain, perfect for backups and for storing data that you don’t need to access constantly,” Wilkins adds.

Step by step video instructions on how to replace your HDD with a Verbatim SDD are available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlWs0O2zYc4. The Verbatim SATA-II Solid State Drive Kits are available immediately from Drive Control Corporation for a Recommended Retail Price of R1099 (64GB) and R1499 (128GB) including VAT. Hard drives feature standard Verbatim two year limited warranty.

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Ultrabook performance at a fraction of the cost – the new Verbatim SSD upgrade kit from DCC